Hof Van Rembrandt, Brugges, Belgium

Address: Eiermarkt 10, 8000 Brugge, Belgium
Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am – 12:00am
Official Website: www.thofvanrembrandt.be

In Brugges, there is more than just the appeal of fairytale cobblestone alleys and a hint of chocolate in the air. There is the local cuisine of Brugges you must try and it’s in the form of Flemish beer stew of porkjowl, aka Vlaamse stoverjj van varkenswangetjes.

It’s a mouthful. But the stew is heartwarming enough to chase the chill of Brugges winds. The stew is typically made with beef, slowly cooked to perfection in a rich and robust sauce made from dark Belgian beer. The beer not only enhances the flavor but also tenderizes the meat, resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth texture that is simply divine.

To create the authentic flavors of Flemish beer stew, several key ingredients are essential. Apart from the high-quality beef, which is often marinated overnight, onions, brown sugar, mustard, and a selection of aromatic herbs and spices such as thyme and bay leaves add depth and complexity to the dish. The star ingredient, of course, is the beer, with varieties like trappist, abbey, or dark ale being popular choices for their rich malty flavors.

The preparation of Flemish beer stew requires patience and time to achieve its full potential. The meat is typically seared to lock in the juices before being simmered gently in the beer-infused sauce. The slow cooking process allows the flavors to meld together, resulting in a deeply satisfying dish. It is not uncommon to find variations that include additional ingredients like prunes or raisins, adding a touch of sweetness to counterbalance the savory elements.

Bruges offers an array of charming restaurants and brasseries where you can indulge in a steaming bowl of Flemish beer stew. The city’s historic center, with its cobblestone streets and picturesque squares, is particularly rich in culinary delights. Traditional establishments and cozy taverns, some of which have been serving this beloved dish for generations, are the perfect spots to savor this quintessential Bruges experience.

Hof van Rembrandt makes them with these tender pork jowl. Served with Belgian fries, I couldn’t imagine a better meal to experience the local cuisine of Brugges.

Meanwhile we ordered other dishes that were surprisingly great comfort food. Easy to eat in front of a spacious rotunda. Carbonara, classic Fish and Chips and the gooey-est lasagna ever.