Ikinari Steak NYC: Standing Steakhouse from Japan

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Address: 90 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003, USA | Other Locations
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00am – 11:00pm
Telephone Number: 917-388-3546

Ikinari Steak NYC: Standing Steakhouse from Japan

My friends and I have a list of favorite restaurants to go to that doesn’t break our bank. We have this penchant for hotpot places, Japanese ramen and sometimes, Restaurant Week. Whatever keeps us interested and hungry. One of those places is Ikinari Steak. What used to be a standing steakhouse popularized in Japan now opened plenty of locations in New York City, from Chelsea to Times Square from its humble beginnings in East Village. You can refer to the list of locations where you can try out this place.

Japan prides itself in simple things. Extremely simple and sensationalizing it. Take for example, removing chairs from a restaurant where you’re eating steak. Chef Kunio Ichinose popularized this back in 2013 and has over 220 locations in Japan. Then again, in Japan, people sometimes stand in izakayas at Piss Alley to eat their Yakitori and drink sake.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they open this eventually in the Philippines, if the latter catches this food trend in NYC, like what happened to Cronuts and Ramen.

While that is so, the restaurants in NYC offers also seating, if you don’t like standing and eating. Of course, if you want to savor every bit of juicy steak, you’ll want to take a seat.

My friends and I tried this standing, true to the philosophy Ikinari Steak offers. To order, you can go straight to the meat cutting section and see what exactly your meat looks like before it’s cooked. They will also weigh your steak so you can be sure that you aren’t being cheated. Other dishes, you order it with the staff that’s assigned to you.

Ribeye – $2.20 per oz. Minimum order of 7oz.

We ordered 10 oz of Ribeye and that should be $22.00. We asked for it medium rare, because they cook it over those hot plates. Each steak piece is topped with butter and while it’s still sizzling on the hot plate, pour original steak sauce on it. Of course, you’ll smell like steak afterwards but that’s the point.

It comes with corn and sizzling onions on the side.

ikinari steak nyc

Sirloin – $1.80 per oz. Minimum order of 7oz.

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In my opinion, I was a bit disappointed with the ribeye because the meat didn’t have that fatty meat as I was used to. The Sirloin was loads better than the Ribeye, with much juicyness that I loved. I put some mustard on the steak because it’s that good.

I can attest you that Ikinari serves steak consistently. I have been here for more than 5 times already when I don’t know anywhere else to eat and each time, they do it right. Some of my friends from California visited and one of them said that the steak was exactly the same as the one in Japan.

If you’re in Times Square area and you need other options besides Carmine’s or Buca di Beppo, Ikinari Steak is one of those that I would recommend if you don’t want to fall in a tourist trap.

I assure you there’s no difference between eating your steak while sitting down or while standing up. That has nothing to do with the taste of the steak.