SilverKris Lounge, NAIA Manila International Airport Terminal 3

Address: Ninoy Aquino International Airport, NAIA Terminal 3, 1301 Andrews Ave, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Opening Hours: 24/7

I was extremely relieved to find out that as Krisflyer Elite Gold member, I get to enjoy the SilverKris Lounge at NAIA Terminal 3. Unlike at Changi Airport, Krisflyer Elite Gold members have a special Krisflyer Gold Class Lounge. And it’s extremely acceptable, because understandably, Krisflyer Elite Gold members might have paid less (economy class, premium economy) compared to Business Class and First Class passengers.

At NAIA terminal 3, the following passengers can enjoy a meal at the SilverKris Lounge: First Class, Business Class, PPS Club, Krisflyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members.

For the size of NAIA Terminal 3, I’m glad to say that the SilverKris Lounge doesn’t veer far from the Gold Class Lounge at Changi, with the exception of the limited choices in food and quality.

No dimsum, but some chicken wonton noodles and congee are available. Sad to say that the wontons taste like cardboard.

Those who are hungry for snacks can be happy with some Nachos with Cheese, some tuna pie, pizza and muffins.

Meanwhile heavy eaters can have some rice and Korean beef stew if you’re around for lunch.

It wasn’t as bad as the next door Marhaba Lounge which Emirates shares with Philippine credit cardholders. That lounge serves some tuna and rice which tasted a lot like canned sardines.

Standard fresh salad and bread station. Please don’t expect a lot.

And of course the ever present wine, spirits and the espresso machine. The coffee tasted really bad.

Some of my frustration ebbed away as the lounge seats were quite comfortable. To those with a red eye flight, you can have a nap in the privacy pods.

It can be quite crowded in the lounge, so for First Class and Business Class passengers, it’s quite unfortunate if you don’t like to share your privileges with others.

But then again, better than nothing, right?