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TsuruTonTan Udon Noodle NYC

Address: 21E 16th, New York, NY, 10003, 64W 48th, New York, NY, 10036, 2233 Kalakaua Ave B310, Honolulu, HI 96815
Official Website: www.tsurutontan.com
Telephone Number:
Opening Hours: 212-575-2828 (Midtown), 212-989-1000 (Union Square), 808-888-8559 (Honolulu)
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TsuruTonTan Udon Noodle NYC

When Osaka’s TsuruTonTan opened in the fringe of Union Square, NYC, I couldn’t be happier. And so did the rest of Manhattan as snaking lines started to form outside of this popular Japanese noodle eatery. Of course, how could they not line up? This was one of the best udon noodles you can find in NYC. With the city clamoring for more ramen (yes, the hype hasn’t slowed down one bit), and the biting winds of winter, you’d always look for the best noodles in the city.

Luckily, there was TsuruTonTan, me and my friends’ favorite hideout whenever we just feel like going out. Union Square is such a convenient location. If we don’t feel like going home, we’ll just look around Best Buy or grab a bottle at Trader Joe’s Wine Shop. Or grab a cup of hot chocolate at Max Brenner. Or just wistfully stare at the last bits of Whole Foods organic selection until Amazon makes the grocery store into a digital store.

Enough of that. These noodles deserve 100% attention. The question is, can you finish one entire bowl on your own?

The secret is to go for an upgrade or the large size. They cost the same, by the way.

Sizzling Sukiyaki Udon – $18

Tsurutontan Udon NYC 1

Surprisingly, my favorite Udon bowl out of the bunch has no soup. This sizzling Sukiyaki Udon is the ultimate gluttony bowl. Everything here spells weight gain.

Uni Creme Udon – $24

Tsurutontan Udon NYC 3

Uni Creme Udon is like carbonara on steroids. The sliver of uni, while small, is really fresh and sweet. And be careful with the creme broth. A second helping of side noodles might help.

Truffle Cream and Crab Mushroom – $22

Tsurutontan Udon NYC 4

Like the Uni Creme Udon, Truffle Cream and Crab Mushroom is equally smelly in a nice way and the creaminess of the broth can be too strong to the udon fundamentalist.

Tsurutontan Deluxe – $24

Tsurutontan Udon NYC 4

If you are an Udon purist, the Tsurutontan Deluxe is your elixir. Shrimp tempura, shortplate beef, chicken, wakame seaweed and egg drop – everything is in here.

Spicy Soondubu Jigae Udon – $20

Tsurutontan Udon NYC 4

And if you want something a little bit more exciting, the Spicy Soondubu Jigae Udon mixes two of the Asian broth favorites – Soondubu Jigae and Udon noodle in one dangerous concoction.

Wagyu Mushroom Sukiyaki Udon – $24

Tsurutontan Udon NYC 4

My go-to Udon at Tsurutontan is this Wagyu Mushroom Sukiyaki Udon. Like the Sizzling Sukiyaki Udon, it has the sweetness and saltiness I seek, but this time with broth and the tenderness of the poached egg sitting atop.

Braised Pork Belly Udon (Seasonal)

Tsurutontan Udon NYC 4

This wasn’t my favorite but I was feeling adventurous during this time. It’s like one of those Chinese dishes that you eat in traditional restaurants with a very thick, hot and sour soup.

Maybe it’s just that, but whatever foots your bill, Tsurutontan’s Udon Noodles offers a fusion cuisine in the name of Udon Noodles.