Two Men Rice Bar, Guoco Tower, Singapore

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Following the success of Two Men Bagel House, the makers have come up with a new concept: Two Men Rice Bar.

TBH, I don’t like the bagels at Two Men Bagel House and felt that the flavors deserved much much better than the state of their bagels. So I had high hopes for Two Men Rice Bar during its opening. I think the inventive flavors are a great match to the ultimate comfort food: rice.

Two Men Rice Bar’s concept is so simple. Order a rice bowl with a protein that ranges from honey butter sriracha salmon to roast beef chucks, spiced pork belly and chicken meatballs. Seafood lovers can do well with Gumbo No.5, a bevy of mussels shrimp, seabass and squid tossed in creamy coconut salad. Vegetarians can go with Mushy Mushy and those with a kid palate will rejoice with Spam N’ Things.

Rice bowls are priced below $20 which come with a free house soup (which eerily tasted like boiled rice), and I love that you can pick between Half Tank and Full Tank.

Here at Two Men Rice Bar, you can choose between three rice options: Japanese rice, 16-type mixed grain rice and turmeric rice for those health buffs. I chose the Japanese white rice for my Black Rock.

Roast beef chuck roll, black garlic demiglace, rainbow slaw, pickled cucumber, cherry tomatoes, glass noodles salad, sous vide egg and my favorite tenkasu — tempura crumbs.

The result is a really great toss of a rice bowl. The flavors are great — well balanced, the right acidity to cut through the protein without ever overpowering the umami. My only drawback is the fun spoon/fork that took the fun out of eating roast beef. While it’s tender, you still need a proper spoon and fork to cut through it. Or at the very least chopsticks. But I suppose at Two Men Rice Bar the simplicity just went overboard, removing the usual fast food seats and going for a more on-the-go setup with its bar tables, a few of which are too low for an average person. The result? Might as well have them for takeaway. There are lots of outdoor seating at Guoco Tower and the view is nice.

If you’re ever on a consumer paralysis mode, because like me, you’ll want little bit of everything, just look past the garnishes in the bowl, because they’re all pretty much present in every single bowl. And if you’re still too hung up on Two Men Bagel House’s bagel, (they’re not really bagels, please. fly somewhere with real bagels and taste them before you call them the best bagels ever) they serve the Rice Side which tucks a thick Dongpo inside steamed mantou. Yes, not bagels.

Address: 5 Wallich St, #01 – 12 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078883
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:00am – 7:30pm, Closed on Sundays
Official Website:
Instagram: twomenricebar
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