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Baker Street Bistro: San Francisco’s Favorite French Bistro

Location: 2953 Baker St, San Francisco, CA 94123, United States
Official Website:
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30 – 9:30pm, Saturday to Sunday 9:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30 – 9:30pm, Closed on Mondays
Facebook: Baker Street Bistro
Reservations: +1-415-931-1475
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Baker Street Bistro: San Francisco’s Favorite French Bistro

To anyone visiting the City, the Marina – Cow Hollow neighborhood is rarely visited, and those who check out the Palace of the Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge don’t bother to traverse the area compared to Russian Hill. But for those who want a change in scenery, the neighborhood is quiet, residential, and ready to be discovered, like Baker Street Bistro.

While it’s been around since 1991, few save the locals would really drop by to get a taste of Paris right in the heart of San Francisco. Their brunch menu selection, albeit more popular than the rest of the weekdays, should one day be served any time of the day. Dinners get the most foot traffic, so best to secure a reservation then. Mondays are the rest days so if you want to get a taste of Moules Provençale, Pain Perdu or their weekday pasta specials, a lunch on a lazy weekday right before they open no longer requires a reservation.

As for me and my friend, lunch on a hot summer day along Baker Street seems appealing. Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame are staples at Baker Street Bistro gushed by many locals, and evidently with our neighboring tables.

Croque Monsieur ($10.00) | Croque Madame ($11.50)

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Croque Monsieur is nothing fancy – just a ham and cheese sandwich that many take for granted. It’s what Baker Street Bistro does best, making sure the Swiss cheese gets the crusty edges to flake on its sides, plus the Bechamel sauce that doesn’t get too creamy. More cheese raclette over-the-top blanketing the pain de mie so that one slices it with an unparalleled juiciness and crunch. Fresh salad creates that acidic touch in between bites.

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If you want more cheap luxury, there’s the Madame with egg on top.

Baker Street Bistro has ruined my preference of Croque Monsieur for life. No to lumpy ham and cheese sandwiches.

Pardon the reddish hue in photos. Way too sunny!

Baker Street Bistro Rating:

[usrlist “Taste and Originality: 5” “Customer Experience: 5” “Value for Money: 3” “Brick and Mortar: 3.5”]