Global Village Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Address: 3895+466 القرية السورية – Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road – Exit 37 – E311 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Opening Hours: Sunday – Wednesday 4:00pm – 12:00am
Global Village Dubai tickets | Entrance for elderly 65 and above is free of charge

Around the world in a day? That’s possible in Dubai!

We had the most fun at the Global Village. It tops my recommendation of Things to Do in Dubai. The Global Village was opened last late October and will be open until April 2023.

Here are some of the noteworthy things during my visit at the Global Village:

The Russian Pavilion

I know. We’re all curious about what’s happening in Mother Russia. But setting the war aside, the Russian Pavilion is one of the most iconic pavilions at the Global Village. Here you can buy matryoshka dolls, snow globes, Russian pastries and even Russian fur!

I saw these military uniforms from the Russian guards. Your next Halloween costume, maybe?

The African Pavilion

The African pavilion was such a standout for me because they had unique products they sell coming from all parts of Africa. Here, you can get Kenyan teas.

The Iran Pavilion

Very few of us can tick off Iran from our travel bucket list, and seeing the Iran Pavilion left a poignant ache in my travel gut. I wish I can visit it one day! If the artificial architecture is beautiful, what more could the real thing look like?

There is also a monument of the reknown world traveller and explorer Ibn Battuta at the Iran Pavilion, which is a must see when you drop by the area.

The Egypt Pavilion

The Egypt pavilions were noteworthy too. It’s fronted by an edifice inspired by the great temples of Abu Simbel.

Right across it you can grab a cup of masala chai which this gentleman prepares. There was a growing line too for the sweet corn, which was so warm and sweet and perfect for a night cap.

This dragon was breathing fire along the Thai inspired floating market.

Bosnian Kebabs

You might be tempted to grab mac and cheese or prawn fritters at the food village near the Asian pavilion, but try out these Bosnian Kebabs. The beef is surprisingly tender and piping hot! There are not a lot of dining seats at the Global Village, except a pricey Turkish restaurant and probably the Japanese bakery across the Egyptian Pavilion. So do get your fill of these kebabs along with some cool yogurt drink.

Global Village Tolerance Parade

You might be tempted to watch some shows or riding around the carnaval — of course if you are with little tykes that can’t be helped — but stop right there and catch the parades if you can. It’s incredible to see so many nationalities congregate and celebrate with the beat of the drum. Definitely one of the highlights at the Global Village you cannot miss.

The Tolerance Parade runs every Monday at 7:15pm. There are also fireworks every Thursday and Friday at 9:00pm.

Turkish Bagels: Simit

At the Turkish Pavilion, you can get Simit. They have mozzarella cheese, Feta cheese and nutella. We got ourselves the mozzarella and feta, and they were perfect for these bagels. Not too salty or sweet, just the right crisp exterior and chewy inside. If you’re not very hungry, I recommend getting these for a light snack before venturing deeper into the Global Village.

Cap your night with some Turkish baklavas. They’re not like Hafiz Mustafa’s playful creations, but these classic Turkish phyllos absorb a heck of the syrup. It’s so sweet and delicious, one of the best baklavas I’ve tasted and it only costs a few dirhams.

Make sure to carry some cash with you as some stalls only accept cash. Also, there’s no alcohol! So don’t expect to get drunk here. In Dubai, you can actually experience genuine fun without the influence of alcohol.

Come here hungry — stomach and minds, both- – because there’s more food and culture to discover at the Global Village.