SAID DAL 1923, Dubai City Walk, United Arab Emirates

Address: City Walk – Al Wasl – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, City Walk – الوصل‎ – دبي
Opening Hours: Sunday – Wednesday 9:00am – 12:00am, Thursday – Saturday 9:00am – 1:00am
Official Website:
Instagram: saiddal1923ae

There is a saying that goes, you can find everything in Dubai. Take for example, Naples’ Da Michele pizza institution. It’s in Dubai. Dubai Mall itself is a melting pot of global brands. From California’s Cheesecake Factory to Saudi Arabia’s Albaik chicken fingers and the burgers of Wimpy’s from Indiana.

And in the Dubai City Walk, we have Roma’s oldest chocolate fabrica — SAID DAL 1923. Yep. You can find those crazy overflowing chocolate cups in Dubai.

They literally pour triple chocolate milk all over your food, even if you tell them not to, because that’s 15 AED more on top of your bill. But I suppose they don’t listen, because they want to squeeze as much profits as they can from tourists.

So they go crazy on your Triple Chocolate Mocha. Triple, because dark, milk and white all in one.

On your San Sebastian Cheesecake. Never mind if it tastes icky sweet.

And also on your triple scoop gelato.

For chocolate monsters, it might be heaven. But I was slightly pissed to find chocolate at the bottom of my mocha. I couldn’t drink it, let alone scoop it. In Dubai’s “freezing” December temperatures, the chocolate hardens. It’s like kitkat at the bottom of the cup.

The things we do for Instagram.

But I’ll forgive them here. Rule #1 in Dubai: always have fun.