I Love Paraguay, Sunnyside, Queens, NYC

I Love Paraguay Queens NYC 3

Location: 43-16 Greenpoint Avenue, 43rd Street, Sunnyside, Queens, NY
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 11:00am – 10:00pm, Friday and Sunday 10:00am – 10:00pm, Saturday 9:00am – 10:00pm
Telephone Number: (718) 786-5534
Official Website: www.ilovepy.com

I Love Paraguay Menu

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I Love Paraguay, Sunnyside, Queens, NYC

“The Best Paraguayan Cuisine is Here.” I Love Paraguay’s official website welcomes you to its declaration, a marking of territory. There is no benchmark for the best Paraguayan cuisine in NYC. In fact, it’s the only restaurant serving Paraguayan food in NYC. Nancy Ojeda, chef de cuisine, hails from Asunción, started I Love Paraguay as a bakery and over the years since 2007, it has grown and matured into a restaurant business.

What is Paraguayan cuisine? The closest to Paraguayan cuisine I’ve tried is Argentinian cuisine, which doesn’t veer far from its rich in meat meals. Think grilled meat, and SERIOUSLY tons of meat stuffed with egg in empanadas, and cheesy bread that will stuff you more than usual. Paraguayan cuisine isn’t for the fainthearted and weak in stomach. History might have something to do with it, as the landlocked country used to undergo a famine caused by the 19th century war with Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, and left them nothing to eat but reptiles and oranges.

Chipa Guazu – $5.00

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I Love Paraguay is a good introduction for anyone who might want to get a taste of this rich cuisine. Chipa Guazu, a traditional dish that borders between a cake and corn souffle, has to be my favorite.

I Love Paraguay Queens NYC 3

I could eat an entire serving if it weren’t for the meat that was about to come.

Empanadas – $10.00

I Love Paraguay Queens NYC 3

Empanadas are nothing out of the ordinary. It’s the same as the ones I eat in Manila and for $10, it’s very expensive when I can probably get 10 empanadas in the Philippines for the price of 10 bucks. I would skip ordering this.

Parillada – $38.99

Parillada comes with a mix of chorizo, beef ribs, skirt steak, fried potatoes and fried cassava. While it might be good for 2 personas as the menu says, it might be fitting for three people!

I Love Paraguay Queens NYC 3

I Love Paraguay Queens NYC 3

Paraguayan dessert closely matches Argentinian cuisine. There’s Alfajores biscuits, which I love, and Dulce de Leche sweet desserts that symbolizes close family ties.

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The price range is expensive for anyone looking to eat a regular dinner, but to the adventurous and exploratory, trying out Paraguayan cuisine in NYC might be a bang for your buck.

I Love Paraguay Rating:

[usrlist “Taste and Originality: 3.5” “Customer Experience: 3” “Value for Money: 3” “Brick and Mortar: 3”]