Kimchi Dining, Orchard Central, Singapore

You’ve probably seen Kimchi Dining all over TikTok as of late. And sure, you might think, it’s just another Korean restaurant playing on aesthetics. But I thought I’d blog about it (and I rarely blog about mid-range SG restaurants these days, except for a few notable ones) because Kimchi Dining’s $50 per person set menu should fill you up like there’s no tomorrow. And with inflation these days, you can count on this sweet deal without breaking the bank.

While Kimchi Dining’s set menu is good for 2 people, even 2 people can hardly finish this set menu. You’ll get:

  • Makgeolli bread with white bean butter
  • Gamjajeon – raddish and onion pancakes with truffle mayo
  • 6 kinds of fermented kimchi
  • 1 main – Iberico Pork Ssam, Pork Collar Gui, Arongsatae & Dogani
  • 1 noodle – Korean Bibim Noodle, Jeju Pork Noodle, Jatt Noodle
  • Black Sesame Ice cream with Mochi
  • Chocolate Injeolmi Tart

Dishes I recommend getting: Iberico Pork Ssam, Korean Bibim Noodle, Gamjajeon, Makgeolli Bread.

I love the ssam. I’m a huge fan of pork jowl. Just the right amount of fat.

Korean Bibim noodle — I didn’t expect it to taste silky and the gochujang sauce was tasty. Both of these mains complemented each other in taste, while the fermented kimchi gives you a bit of break in between to tone down the fattiness of the meat.

The Gamjajeon was so addicting, and my favorite part of the set menu, but the makgeolli bread won my heart. I’m biased. Serve me anything with butter and I’m done. It reminds me of Lolla and their homemade kombu butter. Kimchi Dining’s white bean butter is luxurious in texture and the subtle taste of white bean hits the spot.

A flight of makgeolli cocktails ($18) is always welcome to go along with your meal, and they typically come in 4 flavors. In my case, these were original, ginseng (+$4), strawberry and blueberry. I find the latter two tasted a bit like yogurt milk, but the original and ginseng gave depth to what I was eating. Highly recommend if you’ve got extra to splurge.

Kimchi Dining’s set menu is great for dates and catch ups with friends. You can still order these a la carte if you can’t finish them. Don’t miss out the ones I mentioned above, and you’ll get more than just aesthetics this time.

Address: 181 Orchard Rd, #06-10 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30am – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm, Closed on Tuesdays
Kimchi Dining Official Menu
Instagram: kimchi_dining