Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, Hong Kong International Airport

@candidcuisine When are you coming to Changi, Gordon Ramsay? 😆😆😆 Been wanting to try Gordon Ramsay’s plane food! Would recommend to those who want something different other than roast meat and Putien lol #sgtravel #holiday #hongkong #trip #thingstodo #sgfoodie #hkia #airportfood #masterchef ♬ original sound – hairbyharleyy

It’s been 5 years since I’ve gone to Hong Kong and it was such a huge change. Cathay Pacific is one of the worst airlines I’ve ever flown (cancels flights on a daily basis). The island is cloaked in thick smog. Fashion is backwards. Plenty of restaurant favorites like Delicious Kitchen, Tsui Wah and Tai Hing in Causeway Bay have shuttered its doors. Food prices have gone to insane levels, even compared to Singapore. For me, if you really really want to go to Hong Kong, it has to be on such a quick trip to justify the costs, like 3-4 days, otherwise it’ll be a waste of cash. You’d rather save all of the expenses and go somewhere meaningful. Hong Kong, sadly, is facing an existential demise in the world of globalization, travel and entertainment. I heard Frozen’s Anna and Elsa’s faces are missing from its classic “it’s a small world” ride in Hong Kong Disneyland.

But that said, there are still surprises in Hong Kong that you may find enjoyable. Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food is one, and you can find it in Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). If you fancy a bowl of Lobster Mac and Cheese at HKD258 before your flight, or have gone tired of the food at The Pier, Heathrow’s favorite food is finally in HKIA. I recommend getting fish and chips, which is made of halibut rather than dory, comes with peas and fries too. Or grab the cheeseburger, which gives you the Gordon Ramsay Burger experience from Las Vegas for less than HKD 200.

Loved the lobster mac and cheese, a little bland, could use some salt, but nevertheless creamy and priced reasonably. Gordon Ramsay Plane Food is a good alternative if you’re looking for somewhere different other than Putien and roast goose.

Oh and Blue Bottle Coffee is open in HKIA. Probably the only saving grace so far.