Lola Ote Quezon City

LOLA OTE Home Cuisine: Just How Good is 18 Inches of Pork BBQ?

LOLA OTE Home Cuisine: Just How Good is 18 inches of Pork BBQ?

Location: Courtyard Building, Sgt. Esguerra, Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City
Telephone Number: +639175217892
Facebook: Lola Ote
Instagram: lolaote
Twitter: @lolaotebbq


I was extremely curious about Lola Ote, and how everyone seemed to be flocking the area lately. There’s Don Andres Peruvian Kitchen and Empanada Nation beside it, so at a glance, people wouldn’t notice Lola Ote’s smoky atmosphere. When you reach the area by foot, the aroma of BBQ grill entices you to try the place.

Lola Ote Quezon City

Had I finally found the Home of the Best BBQ in Quezon City? While Kapitolyo has its Three Sisters and Las Pinas has its Mang Raul, no one seems to claim the crown of the best and most affordable BBQ in this humble city.

Lola Ote Quezon City

Anyone who has heard of Lola Ote will immediately think of its 18 inches of Pork BBQ on a stick, the longest anyone has seen in a while.

Pardon me. While we were walking towards Lola Ote, Empanada Nation’s bagnet was said to be one of the best, with Lambanog vinegar that is deadly. I couldn’t resist not trying it out. It was a good decision. Loved the vinegar, but the bagnet was too fatty. But if you’re up for eating fat, you have to try this bagnet!

Empanada Nation’s Bagnet – P99

Empanada Nation Bagnet

Lola Ote’s 18″ Pork BBQ – P90 per Stick

Lola Ote Quezon City

Lola Ote’s Pork BBQ comes in two lengths, 18 inches (P90) and 12 inches (P55). You can also get their Combo Meal for the price of P135 that comes with white rice and iced tea.

Lola Ote Quezon City

Is it the best Pork BBQ I ever had? Probably not. The meat is exceedingly dry, tastes bland and tough to chew in some portions. It lacks in marinade too. You know how everyone says that pork BBQ fat tastes good? This is probably the only Pork BBQ fat that DOESN’T taste good. Major dislike on my part, but it’s tad cheap so you get what you paid for.

Lola Ote Quezon City

The presentation saved Lola Ote’s pork BBQ. In the words of my coworker, if the pork BBQ was just lying down on a plate instead of hanging by a metal wire, P90 for a pork BBQ stick is too expensive.

I noticed the grilling was 180 degrees horizontal. Had it been tilted to an angle so that the fat would naturally flow when the meat is being grilled, the juiciness of the meat would have improved drastically. After all that is why pork BBQ has a cube of fat at its end.

Isaw ng Manok – P23

Lola Ote Quezon City

It’s classic Filipino street food that you shouldn’t miss. Lola Ote’s Isaw ng Manok is a bit pricey for the ordinary isaw but a welcoming addition to your Pork BBQ meal. (To those who don’t speak Tagalog, Isaw ng Manok is made from chicken intestine.)

Isaw ng Baboy – P25

It’s actually my first time to try out Isaw ng Baboy. I love the fullness of its texture better than the thin Isaw ng Manok. It’s juicy and I wished it was a bit more toasted. (To readers who don’t speak Tagalog, Isaw ng Baboy is made from pig intestine.)

Lola Ote Quezon City

While the place is being flocked at the moment because it’s featured in local TV stations, Lola Ote’s Isaw ng Baboy might be the only reason for me to return to Lola Ote. Service was very slow, the white rice came out late, and our bill given to us was a mistake and it kind of spoiled the whole experience at Lola Ote. Sad to say there’s still no one has taken the crown of the best Pork BBQ in the city.

Lola Ote Rating:

[usrlist “Taste and Originality: 2” “Customer Experience: 2” “Value for Money: 3” “Brick and Mortar: 3”]