Nakajima Suisan – Best Value Japanese Saba in Singapore

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Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish – Best Value Japanese Saba in Singapore

Address: 391A Orchard Rd, #B2-01-01 Takashimaya Food Hall, Singapore 238873
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00am – 9:00pm (8:45pm last order)
Facebook: Nakajima Suisan
Telephone Number: +65 6735 1501

If you’re tired of eating the usual hawker food, and you’re a bit tight in your budget, there’s one place that I would recommend where you can eat great food and save cash. Nakajima Suisan, located at B2 at Takashimaya Department Store, is probably the best find in the island. They offer the freshest grilled fish ever and you can never go wrong with what you order, because everything is just simply grilled. Nakajima Suisan’s popular meals come with rice, miso soup, sesame salad (Which is by far the best I’ve tried here), Japanese pickles and a free cup of hot green tea.

Saba – SGD 9.00

I normally order Saba, because the taste is clean, fresh and cheap.

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Drizzle the raddish with some soy and put it on your grilled Saba. The result is really great food that’s healthy and clean.

Salmon Shioyaki

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Nakajima Suisan has Salmon cooked in either Terikaki or in Shioyaki. I preferred Shioyaki as it is saltier. The salmon is fatty and juicy.


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If you feel like splurging a bit, they have great Unagi and it’s well below 20 bucks. Unagi has lots of small bones though that can stick between your teeth so be careful eating!


Nakajima Suisan 1

Nakajima’s Gindara is also great, but I find it a bit bland. Perhaps try the Teriyaki version.

Dried Mackerel – SGD 17

Dried mackerel is a great deal. The fish portion is big and can be shared between two people.

One tiny drawback as there’s no perfect restaurant. It’s going to take some time for you to queue and get a seat. You should order first and they’ll lead you to a table when it’s available. At peak hours, you can expect your waiting time to be around 40 minutes. Normally, smaller groups get seated quickly than big groups.