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Mount Fuji – The Best Places to Spot Mount Fuji from Tokyo

Best Places to See Mount Fuji from Tokyo, Japan

Happy new year 2019! I just came back from my trip to Japan and even though I’m extremely tired, I wanted to share my adventures to you! This trip was extra special. After several times of going to Tokyo, I never got a chance to see Mount Fuji up close and personal because of foggy and cloudy weather and my busy itinerary. This time, I made a promise to see Fuji-san.

What’s so special about Mount Fuji? It’s only a perfect cone active volcano and while the tallest peak in Japan at 3776 meters, there are other world heritage sites in the world. You will have to see it close to just marvel at its beauty and realize, you will never get tired of seeing Fujisan.

There are 2 things to keep in mind when you want to see Mount Fuji:
1. There is a 30% chance of seeing Mount Fuji all year round.
2. There is a better chance of seeing Mount Fuji in winter with its snow-capped cone.
3. Mornings at 9:00am are the best time to see Mount Fuji, but also check the weather forecast, otherwise it will most likely be covered in fog and clouds.

Where do you find the best places to see Mount Fuji from Tokyo? Here are the best places to see this majestic view when you visit Tokyo.

1. Lake Kawaguchiko Station

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This is perhaps the easiest way to see Mount Fuji, as the most accessible lake around Mount Fuji.

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My first time at this station and I didn’t get a chance to see it because of bad weather. This time, it was sunny and at 1 degrees, it was quite warm for me with the sun, but a perfect time to view Mount Fuji from behind the station.

You can take the train to this station, and perhaps ride Thomas Train ride or the Fujikyu Railway, a handsome train ride with breathtaking views of Fuji.

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2. Fuji Q Highlands

This theme park takes a photo of you as part of its security measures but screw privacy when you can ride roller coasters with Fujisan as a view! This is also easily accessible by train from Lake Kawaguchiko Station.

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3. Gotemba Premium Outlets

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Why not shop while seeing this wonderful Mt Fuji from a distance? This is one of the best views that doesn’t break the bank as you just need to take a bus from the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal to Gotemba Premium Outlets. But of course, all these luxury items will bore a hole in your pocket.

I sipped my hot chocolate at Fauchon with a Mount Fuji view.

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4. Shinkansen train ride from Tokyo to Kyoto

If you take a Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto, you can sit on the right side of the car in a Nozomi or Hikari and chance upon the beautiful Mt Fuji. It’s one of the best views, provided good weather, and it’s almost unblocked.

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You can get a JR pass to save some money, and check out my guide if you’re having second thoughts!

5. Oshino Berry Farm 富士忍野ベリーランド at Oshino, Yamanashi

Address: 1666-56 Shibokusa, Oshino, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0511, Japan

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It will take some effort to drive to this Berry Farm, but why not have some fun eating as many fresh strawberries you want while having a beautiful unblocked view of Mt Fuji? I had so much fun plucking strawberries here and dipping it in condensed milk. But the best part of it was seeing Mount Fuji at a peaceful and serene view.

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Strawberry picking is only available in winter season, as the fruit is seasonal. There are other fruit picking activities you can do with fruits available all year round and you can book a private driver to drive you around Mount Fuji and Fifth Station. I think this is rather convenient, especially if you don’t know your way around this area.

6. Fujiten Snow Resort

I wasn’t supposed to go sledding but my niece was extremely insistent on having me as her nanny. But nevertheless, it was so much fun renting a sled at 500yen and climbing up a respectable slope (while the sun slowly melted the snow, making it really slippery!). But the best part at Fujiten Snow Resort was seeing Mount Fuji accompany you have fun with your family.

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The small coffee shop in this resort serves the best cappuccino and crepes to refresh your energy after hours of sledding!

There are plenty of ways to see Mount Fuji but keep in mind the three things I mentioned earlier, and you’ll be able to take a piece of Mount Fuji with you in your trip!

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