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Your Ultimate Guide to a Flushings Queens Food Trip

If you haven’t been to Flushings in Queens, you’re missing a lot on cheap and delicious food. It can be a trek going to the end of the 7 Line packed with Mets fans (which means you picked the wrong date to go on a food trip), or the 7 line breaking down so you had to take an Uber. For whatever reason your entire plan got screwed, it’s always, always a good idea to discover Flushings in Queens.

Szechuan Mountain House

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I did say that Szechuan Mountain House needs to be in your list, but there’s more to the neighborhood if you’re someone who’s never been to Asia. This culinary melting pot can get you really full for a fraction of the cost.

White Bear Dumplings

Address: 135-02 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354, USA

Start your food trip in Flushings at White Bear Dumplings. If you’ve been eating Vanessa’s Dumplings in LES and hail it the cheapest and best dumplings ever in NYC, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t listen to Zagat.

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Have you ever seen dumplings this pillowy soft? I bet you don’t. These plump wontons topped with chili oil is your must must must. Oh and did I mention it only costs 5 bucks?

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HK Cafe

Address: 42-96 Main St, Flushing, NY 11355, USA

Go a little further along Main Street past Cherry Avenue and you’ll find Hong Kong Cafe, serving Cantonese food. HK Cafe in Flushings serve one of the best Roast Duck in NYC and fried rice casserole.

HK cafe flushings 1

HK cafe flushings 1

If you go with large groups, you won’t be spending beyond 20 bucks for this meal.

C Fruit Life

Address: 135-29 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354, USA

And if you still have some room left in your stomach, check out C Fruit Life. They are best known for having dessert pizza, but I always enjoy the desserts here.

C Fruit Life flushing 1

It’s not your usual dessert like Spot Dessert Bar, who also happens to have a store here in Flushings. But try out C Fruit Life’s hot Black Bean Pudding. It’s not for everyone, but for me, I like discovering new dishes and this is something that you should definitely try.

Also at C Fruit Life – Fried Milk Pillows. These are like pastillas and fried. Salty and sweet in one piece of dessert.

C Fruit Life flushing 2

If you and your group order more than five desserts and split among yourselves, you’ll spend less than $10 like our group did.

Overall, you can get really satisfied with a food trip at Flushings for below $30. That’s a great deal and a better way to discover Flushings.