Press Butter Sand Tokyo, Takashimaya, Singapore

Address: Takashimaya B2 Food Hall, Singapore

Instagram: pressbuttersand

Tokyo’s most popular cookie shop is now opened in Singapore’s Takashimaya Food Hall. Now we can call it Singapore’s most expensive cookie. I kid you not; the prices of these cookies are roughly $4-$4.80 per piece (double compared to Japan) which is insane. Courier costs from Japan are driving the prices up.

Is it worth it? The answer is entirely up to your taste. If you like butter cookies, these pressed, meticulously high quality sandwich cookies are going to be the bane of your wallet’s existence.

I find the Hokkaido butter cream and caramel in the Original flavor shines best compared to other flavors, but I can’t say the Pistachio and Strawberry flavor’s didn’t steal my heart. I absolutely love the latter two and wished Press Butter Sand would offer these soon in Singapore. Unfortunately you can only grab one of each of these two flavors if you’re the first 500 customers to spend $60. You’ll have to wait until Spring next year for these two flavors.

If $60 is a stretch, don’t fret if that’s a lot of cookies. It will only get you as far as a box of 9 original pieces ( and a box of 5 chocolate or matcha flavors. That’ll cost you $61.80 so choose the flavors wisely.

The quality of the cookies slowly grows into me and I realize the more I immerse myself in the sandy texture of the cookies, the more it gets addictive. The demand is unusual for a cookie brand setup by the previously shuttered Bake Cheese Tart in Singapore. It isn’t like Jenny Bakery cookies that commands a snaking queue of cookie cultists, but at opening day, Press Butter Sand surely draws a steady stream of loyalists, those finally glad that they don’t have to travel to Tokyo to buy their favorite cookies.