Salzburg, Wolfgangsee and Mozart Haus Photo Diary

If you are in Vienna, I highly recommend a day trip or even an overnight stay at Salzburg. It is best known as the filming location of The Sound of Music and the birthplace of Mozart. I thought it was one of the most charming towns I’ve been to, though I can’t say the same for its people. I find the locals in Vienna friendlier than the folks at Salzburg.

These are some of my favorite photos. There are lots of Salzburg tours online and you can definitely take the train at HB from Vienna to Salzburg. So this is not going to be a travel guide or how to get to Salzburg kind of blog.

We stopped at Landzeit halfway to Salzburg for a quick bite. Here is where I had the best strawberry cheesecake of my life. Also I felt like I stepped in a fairytale land.

At Wolfgangsee, where Mozart’s house was located. Here we passed by a Christmas Market and got myself some mulled wine. And of course, I get to take home this lovely Wolfgangsee mug. Can’t buy this anywhere else but during the yuletide season!

St. Michael’s Church at Mondsee, where Maria and Baron Georg Von Trapp filmed the wedding scene. We were told they didn’t secure filming permit in this church.

But I can say the Salzburg Christmas Market was even more beautiful. Here you can eat the same Christmas market thoroughfare — hot chocolate with rum, Schnitzel, Clam Chowder bread bowls. After quite some time, you’ll notice they all looked alike too.

The love lock bridge, Marko Feingold Steg. I supposed there’s no better way to declare your love than to chain your heart with another. Such an auspicious beginning for anyone getting married.

Of course till divorce parts you.

I had an enjoyable time discovering tiny shops during the last day of the advent, which means last day of shopping for Salzburg locals.

After our tour, we were famished and ate at the worst restaurant I have ever eaten — Goldene Kugel. Do not eat here. They might destroy your vacation mood.

Food is mediocre. I ate a sorry piece of burger patty submerged in cold soup, because the waiter didn’t want to serve us. Must be because we were Asians, but seriously. Asian discrimination is so last season. We observed this as Caucasians and Germans who ordered later (and ordered the same foods we did) got served first.

The crackling roast pork loin was pretty good, but only when you douse it in oil.

Other than the Goldene Kugel incident, Salzburg is a true winter wonderland. Maybe I’ll return, but maybe once the people have learned to become kinder.