Singapore Airlines new SilverKris Lounge at Changi International Airport Terminal 3

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Address: 65 Airport Blvd., Level 3, Changi International Airport Terminal 3, Singapore 819663

(I am blogging this half-jetlagged. I’ve traveled multiple times in the past couple of months so bear with my writing. It’s going to take a long time for me to get started again.)

The new Singapore Airlines Krisflyer lounge at Changi International Airport Terminal 3 opened with much fanfare. Travelers were looking forward to a renovated open space especially after being cooped up for so long. I also had high expectations because this was Singapore Airlines and add to that I was a loyal Krisflyer member — suffice to say that I was looking forward to it more than lying down on a flat bed in Singapore Airlines business class.

The new lounge is located at level 3, and you can take the escalator right beside the Louis Vuitton store. Go towards the end of the hallway, where you’ll find the lounge.


I loved the open space, but there was something about it that didn’t spell “lounge” and “business class” (or even “first class”, which was a lounge reserved only for its passengers). I definitely liked the architecture of the elegant bar and how the areas were compartmentalized according to your need. There were pods reserved for those who wanted to catch up for some work before boarding. Recliner seats who wanted to recover some sleep. But I liked the dining space the most.

Barista Service / Bartender service

One thing I liked the most was the barista service (because I was at the lounge early morning for my flight). Barista service is opened from 6:00am – 10:00am, while the bar switches to a bartender service from 5:30pm to 1:00am. I got myself a flat white, not bad.

Dining Area

The communal dining space looked like a hotel buffet restaurant, tbh, but overall, I understood the setup. There were QR codes on the tables where you can place your order, but also you can order over the counter as well. I did the latter, because I didn’t think anyone used the QR code at all.

Service at this buffet table was still warming up. They clearly didn’t anticipate the volume and of travel so soon that the staff was rushing to get orders out. I waited for roughly half an hour before I got my congee and dimsum plate, which was the only thing on the menu that seemed passable for me.

Other items that you can order include:
– Local favorites such as Chwee Kueh, Laksa, Vegetable Pulao, Paneer Butter Masala, Beehoon with vegetable dumplings
– Cream of mushroom soup, chicken porridge, dimsum, and a western breakfast set (that my coworker said was the coldest breakfast he had. Needless to say, the food had already been cooked early and so watch out!)

Quick Snacks

For frequent flyers in a hurry and don’t have the time to bask in the ambience, there are light snack choices.

Espresso Machines (for those who can’t wait for the barista)

Fresh Fruits

Cereals (and yes it looked like a breakfast buffet table, ain’t it?)

Egg Mayonnaise sandwiches (yes, cold too, and my coworkers couldn’t bear it.)

English muffins

And to those looking forward to get a head start to sleeping on a long haul flight… And extensive wine, beer and liquor selection, plus a champagne to toast. It was too early in the morning for me. I’d rather not get a hangover, and I wanted to be sober for when I eat my Lobster Thermidore onboard.

I didn’t get a chance to peek inside the shower because I had to ride the train to the gates.

I’d say the Singapore Airlines Krisflyer business and first class lounge was just mediocre. The food wasn’t stellar and you would have expected more from an airline that consistently ranked high in Skytrax Awards. Or maybe my expectations were misplaced; it was still a pandemic. (Save for the fact that tons of passengers weren’t wearing masks in the lounge.)

JFK Business Class Lounge

To those wondering if there’s a lounge at JFK airport for Singapore Airlines passengers, there is. Virgin Atlantic is in a codesharing agreement with Singapore Airlines, and so the Clubhouse is available for use. But don’t expect much. The menu was bad (my chicken noodle soup was yellow as pee), the service was terrible (had to call the bartender thrice for my vodka on the rocks), and the only good thing was the discotheque-inspired space. (There’s not much privacy too. We were discussing tons about work and several people were listening to our conversation. Sigh.)

See this? I felt like Austin Powers was going to come out and sing.