St Lawrence Market Toronto 12

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto, Canada

Address: 93 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C3, Canada
Official Website:
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm, Saturday 5am – 4pm

Ah… one of my favorite places… IN THE WORLD. Hands down. I can spend the entire day roaming around St. Lawrence Market. With over 100+ vendors at this market with so little time, you’re going to wonder how to have more stomach space to try out everything else. Here’s a little trick: eat less to eat more. Just grab a few bites, walk around, grab a bite, walk around… You get the picture.

St Lawrence Market Toronto 12

Let me show you some of my favorites:

Don’t ever miss the baklavas. They’re sold by this homey mediterranean dessert stall at the center of the market. It’s not difficult to find it.

The pasta. OH MY LORD. The medley of red and white sauce is the best there is, all piping hot like Borough Market’s mac and cheese.

St Lawrence Market Toronto 12

St Lawrence Market Toronto 12

This one sells cold goat cheese appetizers and grilled eggplants. I like the freshness offered by this stall; it’s different. Grab a to go and enjoy in the comfort of your hotel, which is what we did.

Don’t forget, St. Lawrence Market has more stalls at the basement! The pierogis with sour cream topped my list. Authentic.

Of course, nobody goes to St. Lawrence Market without stopping by the fish market. I liked the classic fish and chips AND the shrimp. Nothing beats these two dishes.

If you must tick this off your bucket list, Toronto’s famous Peameal bacon on a bun by Carousel Bakery is Anthony Bourdan’s favorite. I thought it was a bit dry, but it was also my bucket list item, so I just had to eat it.