Bistro Du Vin, Shaw Centre, Singapore

Address: 1 Scotts Rd, #01 – 14 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am – 2:00pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Official Website:

I’ve gotten really frustrated with newly-opened Singapore restaurants recently. And the price further annoys me. Case in point — Bistro Du Vin’s 3 course menu is slowly closing the gap between upper mid-range restaurants and lower mid-range restaurants. I classify brunch spots to be lower mid-range.

Call it inflation, trends, haute cuisine and what-have-yous, but at times like this when the gimmicks of Singapore restaurants fail to perk my interest, I go for the tried and tested restaurants.

I’m a huge fan of Les Amis Group. From Elan to Tenjin, La Taperia, KOAL, LINO Pizza and Pasta Bar, and Bistro Du Vin, you can’t go wrong with their quality of dishes. Their customer service at Bistro Du Vin borrows a lot from its 3 Michelin Les Amis. It was the right customer service (save for the maitre’d not showing me to my table) that I expected from a restaurant veteran.

Bistro Du Vin always opens with warm house bread and butter. It is present even before you sit on the table.

Always always go for the French Onion Soup, even though not a single French would say they eat it for lunch. French people like to eat slowly, so eat mindfully too.

My French Onion soup is not as salty as the Google Maps review says, but the sweetness comes with your first bite of Emmental Cheese crostini.

While the rest would order the Kurobuta pork loin, I’d recommend ordering the Duck Leg Confit despite $10+ more on top of the $45 3-course meal. This is because the Kurobuta pork loin is something you can order at KOAL. Yes, restaurant groups do this to replenish their inventories quickly. Also duck l’orange is keeping it French. The orange jus nicely balances the fatty and crispy duck leg. Sadly, I was not impressed with the mashed potato.

Meanwhile don’t ask me to compare this with Prairie by Craftsmen’s Duck Confit. This is classic French bistro.

I would love for Bistro Du Vin to add Souffle to their lunch sets, but for now, I am happy with the creme brulee. The richness of the cream marries well with really Vanuatu Vanilla; you can see specks of it in every single scoop. Set meal also comes with a cup of coffee or tea of your choice.

During weekdays there are $40 2-course set lunches, and they’re a great deal compared to overpriced egg brunches nowadays when you can easily spend $40 per meal.

One of those meals when I feel I am back in the sky.