Cedric Grolet, COMO Orchard, Singapore

Cedric Grolet, COMO Orchard, Singapore

Address: COMO Orchard Bideford Road #28, 30 Singapore 229992
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 8:30am – 6:00pm
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@candidcuisine Cedric Grolet Singapore you know the drill. always click and collect no matter where you are Paris, London or Singapore. and be kind to the French. i saw so many people complaining about e queue. it’s day 1 of course so damn expected #sgfoodie #wheretoeat #tiktoksg #thingstodoinsingapore #f1 ♬ original sound – FrankoZetto

And finally Cedric Grolet lands on the island of Singapore, at the newly opened COMO Orchard. Cedric Grolet’s patisserie is nestled beside Club 21 and to no surprise, the queues for takeaway are insane. Cedric Grolet had to pacify the crowd himself.

One lady queued as early as 7:30am, and she flew all the way from India for the F1 race this weekend. They were given tiny, warm madeleines, but only got to the front of the queue 3 hours later. To Cedric Grolet fans, if you know, you know. Always remember to Click and Collect, be it Paris, London or Singapore.

But then there is even a queue for Click and Collect. I did the same back at Cedric Grolet’s Le Meurice outpost in Paris, and I click and collect the Pomme and the Tonka Bean. The process was seamless and effortless and I’m glad that they have it here in Singapore. I click and collect even before news reported it. 🙂

If you want to dine here, expect limited seating capacity. Those publications might say they have 40 seating capacity, BUT their resources are actually limited. So they can only seat a few tables at a time. Cedric Grolet’s team had to fly in 15 French people, but with so many people click and collecting, they couldn’t cope with the demand and hence they had to trim down dining.

Nevertheless, my advice is to click and collect at least 48 hours before your intended date of collection, as is anywhere else in the world. And please be kind to the French. I saw so many irate customers while I was queueing. Be patient. It’s a bad impression you’re giving about Singapore if you’re just complaining all the time. haha.

So here’s what I got. The Dragonfruit ($26) and The Lychee ($26). These are exclusive only in Singapore, just as the Pomme and Tonka Bean are in Paris. They do have the Mooncake, which is another limited edition in Singapore, right in time for the Mid Autumn Festival, but don’t expect this to be your red bean double egg yolk mooncakes… Because they’re not really mooncakes. Just a word of warning.

Mooncake ($52): Crunchy peanuts praline, banana bread, fresh banana, creamy banana and caramel gel, light peanut ganache thin shell of milk chocolate and cocoa butter.

They also have the Vanilla Bean ($26), which reminds me of the Tonka Bean: Crunchy tahitian vanilla, custard cream, vanilla ganache, thin shell of white chocolate and cocoa butter white vanilla pearl.

If you’re coming to Cedric Grolet, order the desserts. Don’t settle for croissants ($8), pain au chocolats ($10) and matcha lattes. You come here because you want to experience his art and food is the highest form of it. Not just croissants. If you want croissants, there’s Petit Pain. Shorter queue.

Mothership reported an error that the Dragonfruit and Lychee are available only on Sept 17, but here I am, got it on September 14th. LOL.

The Dragonfruit – $26

Dragonfruit gel, fresh dragonfruit and passionfruit, light vanilla ganache, thin shell of white chocolate and cocoa butter.

I was surprised at the size of the Dragonfruit. I thought it would be smaller because Cedric Grolet’s signature cube boxes were small. I just wished the Dragonfruit had longer scales, but that would have been a challenge to make. But I love how I was rediscovering the Dragon Fruit once again with this dessert. Inside, you get dragonfruit and the passionfruit, which is cooling, slightly sour, perfect for Singapore’s hot climate. The cocoa butter feels like ice cream and I found it too heavy actually. Cracking it open, everything heavy in it falls.

The Lychee – $26

Lychee gel with fresh lychee, light fresh coconut ganache, thin shell of white chocolate and cocoa butter.

Loved the freshness of the lychee and coconut inside. Not too overpowering and the two textures meld well together. I never thought lychee and coconut would go well! I thought the Lychee wasn’t very far from the Pomme, and Cedric Grolet’s sculpture of the beloved Asian fruit is tart, fresh and delicate. Loved the exterior as well, the subtle ice coating of the Lychee fruit was very creative. The best part of it is the light coconut ganache.

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