Emirates Business Class Review: Dubai – Amsterdam Route A380

So what’s it like to fly business class on Emirates’ Airbus A380 aircraft?

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I would say, it’s one of the best business class service I’ve had. Even trumps Emirates’ own business class service on B777-300ER which I took from Dubai to Vienna last year.

On this double-decker A380, the business class cabin sits on the second floor along with the lounge. To some extent, the business class appears normalized because there are 76 business class seats in total, each having its own cubicle like space. For solo travelers, this is a win and you get the entire window yours. For couple travelers, the middle seats are cozy, and there are rows where you can choose to lower down the divider. It doesn’t apply to each row, so make sure to double check it if you’re traveling as a couple.

Pro-tip: Not all Emirates flights fly the A380. You’ll have to check closely when you book your flight.

Seat features

Welcome glass of Moet & Chandon champagne

Of course, you get a full bed with a mattress laid on top of your seat during the service. I recommend the mattress, because it’s extra comfy and lets you sleep soundly at night. The legroom though is something I think is not as comfortable as Singapore Airlines‘. It’s where I realize that Singapore Airlines’ has some serious design considerations when they chose to do a diagonal seat, over a straight one. And I find that a diagonal one brings me much space, despite not being a bulkhead seat.

I do feel that it’s because of the extra spacious compartments near the window. Those are compartments for your mattress, blankets and carry on bags, and even your shoes. But I find that I didn’t really use them that much.


You don’t get those Bulgari amenities kit if it’s not a midnight flight. That’s what I was told. So don’t expect one — which I am still criticizing — business class passengers do need amenities kit regardless of the time of day. So since my Dubai – Amsterdam flight wasn’t a midnight flight, there were no amenities kit given. I was given on my return trip from Amsterdam – Dubai, which was a red eye flight on a B777-300ER.

Breakfast and Lunch service

While the cabin crew prepares your meal, you’ll get served a drink of your choice and some olives and nuts.

Of course chose my go to drink, Saint Emilion red.

For breakfast, I like the ham and cheese platter, but I’m not super crazy about it, apart from the croissant and breakfast muffins. I don’t usually like eating something cold for breakfast, but it’s passable.

For lunch, which was served 2 hours before landing, it was a mixed bag.

I still loved the root vegetable soup with a dash of Greek yogurt. It’s my go to appetizer. But for my entree…

Let me just say that I think I’ve gotten tired of eating Beef Tenderloin. I can’t imagine I’d say this one day but I do, especially when Emirates consistently brings you disappointing Beef Tenderloins — and this was only a span of a few months of flights. Needless to say, I regretted getting a beef tenderloin.

For dessert, I think I’ve also gotten tired of eating cakes. Hence, I settled for a selection of Dutch cheeses, a choice that fits well since I was headed to the Netherlands.

Beemster Signature: Full-flavoured and aromatic

Durch gouda Dorblu: Delicate and tangy German cow’s milk blue cheese

Pavé de brebis: Mild and creamy French ewe’s milk cheese

And let me say, this was phenomenal. Simple, Carr water crackers, cheese, some dried dates and apricots — best dessert I’ve had in a while.

Airline lounge

If you ever got the chance to be onboard the A380, don’t forget it’s very own lounge / bar. It was a good experience being able to order free-flowing drinks. I had to exercise caution since I already had a glass of Moet & Chandon and a French Saint Emilion wine. But that didn’t deter me from trying out the Espresso Martini. Reminds me of the glass I tried back at Starbucks Roastery in Seattle.

If you’re hungry mid-flight, which is unlikely, you can choose from a selection of sandwiches like Beef Horseraddish and Cheese. Or have a tea party with some sponge cake, strawberry shortcakes and baklavas. Or enjoy a simple apple or banana while you drink a glass of Negroni.

If any, that’s the ultimate highlight of the Emirates A380 experience.