Emirates Business Class Review: Dubai – Vienna Route B777-300 ER

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Let me preface by saying that my DXB – VIE flight via Emirates Business Class was one of the best I’ve ever flown.

Emirates MNL – DXB Business Class service review

Forget the Manila to Dubai route, because it was an utter disappointment from Emirates. I don’t know if it was a problem with the ground catering, a case of a lazy batch of cabin crew, or something else.

Of course, a glass of Moet & Chandon champagne to start the flight.

But this beef chao fan was less than Business Class:

No other embellishments. I was in zombie mode after the plane took off at a red eye flight of 2:00am (delayed by an hour! Goodness.)

Meanwhile other passengers didn’t get to eat.

I’m just glad the leg came with a Bulgari amenities kit.

A really cute foldable Emirates backpack for kids on business class:

@candidcuisine Worst lounge. Worst cabin crew. Worst food service. Why are MNL flights poor in quality? #wheretoeat #emirates #sgfoodie ♬ GASLIGHT – INJI

I didn’t get to sleep well despite the cushy business class seats which you can control using your ICE panel. (I appreciated because I’m not a fan of lying flat in the sky). My stomach was growling after a couple of hours.

Managed to eat a bag of chips and some warm nuts. I didn’t even want those cold sandwiches they served mid-flight. And the noodles was less than satisfactory. I know, first world problems.

Dawn came and I ordered French Toast smothered with dates paste and cream. It was heavenly delicious and warm.

But it became so icky sweet after eating a chocolate muffin. I wasn’t too happy with it, and neither were other passengers because some ordered another bowl of beef chao fan once more.

Suffice to say I was glad to be off the MNL DXB flight and ate a lot at the Emirates Business Class Lounge at DXB International Airport Terminal 3.

Emirates DXB – VIE Business Class service review

Things took a U-turn at my DXB – VIE flight. Of course, they have to pay homage to the cuisine of the origin and destination. In this case, Dubai and Vienna.

Again, another glass of Moet and Chandon champagne. Loved it as much as the flight of Moet and Chandon at the Champagne Lounge in DXB International Airport.

Had my first glass of Saint Emilion French Burgundy wine. The flight attendant serving me was an Austrian lady and she was one of the best cabin crew I met. She reminded me of Rachel McAdams!

I devoured the seedless olives. It was so fresh with a nutty aftertaste.

Emirates Business Class service DXB – VIE Menu

For appetizer, I had the root vegetable soup, dashed with greek yoghurt and coriander. The garlic rolls were heavenly and beat the sourdough. I recommend you getting those rolls because it was so warm to touch and buttery. Not to mention Isigny St. Mare beurre…

My folks had the Spiced Lamb Bukhari served with aromatic rice.

I had a bite and the lamb was so incredibly tender.

Well, don’t blame me, because the main courses were difficult choices. Roast Turkey was a temptation for it was the holiday season. But my heart as usual belongs to the Beef Tenderloins of the sky… as I’ve done with Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines.

And it was the best Beef Tenderloin ever. Austrian in origin, this lovely medallion was cooked in thyme jus and served with mashed potatoes and blanched broccoli — slightly salted to match the already tasty meat. The beef tenderloin, perfectly medium in my opinion.

For dessert, my folks had fruits and some assortment of cheese and crackers: oak smoked cheddar, English creamy cheddar, Gillor Camembert from Normandy, Cropwell Bishop Stilton PDO which was a rich and velvety Nottinghamshire Blue cheese.

Meanwhile my sweet tooth couldn’t resist the Festive Ginger Cake, Emirates’ special covered in dark chocolate ganache with a cute gingerbread man. This was by far one of the best desserts in the sky, in the same running as the chocolate mousse from Singapore Airlines.

I left my heart at that flight. And I left the airport running into that pleasant flight attendant who gave me a warm smile to start my journey in Vienna. Until the next flight, Emirates. <3