Emirates Business Class Lounge at Dubai International Airport DXB Terminal 3

Address: Concourse B – 152 Airport Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates; Concourse B – 152 شارع المطار – دبي
Opening Hours: 24/7

By the time I reached the Emirates Business Class Lounge at Dubai International Airport (DXB), I was starving. It was all because of the unbelievably disappointing Manila – Dubai Business Class service.

But thankfully, Emirates treats its passengers like royalty at the Business Class Lounge in Dubai International Airport. The lounge is only opened for Business Class passengers. First Class passengers can enjoy the First Class lounge at DXB.

Gates are automated entry. You just need to scan your boarding pass to enter, but the Emirates staff, as usual, were so on point. Dubai is a beautiful land with second to none customer service.

The lounge is spacious, and you have tons of seating options to choose from. Lounge seats. Long communal tables. Privacy chairs. And of course prayer rooms.

The lounge is huge. And I mean huge. So you’ll definitely need more than 2 hours for a layover. Usually you’ll get 3 to 4 hours of layover at DXB, but even then it feels like walking in the lounge for miles and miles, and your free time will never be enough.

Here you get to eat an international cuisine from Middle Eastern to African, Asian, and Western.

Got myself some bacon and waffles because it’s 6:00am. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Unlimited Costa Coffee, because Dubai is the land of 7 stars. No offense, but Dubai just makes Singapore’s SilverKris Lounge look like a kid’s playground.

Love the healthy section. Cereals, fresh salmon slices, cold sandwiches (for the on the go passengers), cheese, dried apricots, raisins, fresh greens. My personal favorite? Acai yoghurt.

Just look at that luscious acai topped with blueberries, strawberries, pomegranates and coconut.

The best part of each food section is the unlimited Bateel dates. Just feel free to take them and snack on them if you’re hungry. Dates are really good energy boosters. They don’t spike your blood sugar levels fast despite their sweetness. They keep you satiated.

And of course, who cares if it’s 6:00 in the morning? You can have pistachio ice cream, carrot cake, chocolate mousse, and cheesecake. Nobody is going to judge you.

And don’t be shy to let loose. Come by the Moet & Chandon, the only Champagne Lounge in the world serving a flight of Moet & Chandons: Imperial, Rose Imperial, Nectar Imperial, Grand Vintage 2013.

Yes at 6:00 in the morning, it can’t get any better than a flute of champagne.

Got myself the Grand Vintage 2013, because I had tried the Imperial Brut onboard and was pretty much going to get the same flute in my connecting flight to Vienna.

No dry zoning at the lounge, meaning you can drink alcohol anywhere.

Dubai, I love you already.