Top Kouign Amann Bakeries & Patisseries in Manila

Krispy Kreme Kouign Amann Manila

Goodbye The Cronut, All Hail KOUIGN AMANN!

If Manila is going to embrace the Kouign Amann, I am all for it. In fact I am a self-proclaimed early adopter of the Kouign Amann craze. I have known Kouign Amann’s legendary subtle sweetness and fluffy texture way before Cronut became an overhyped product here in Manila. (On a side note, I have been totally unaffected by Wildflour’s preemptive pull-the-plug strategy on their Croissant Doughnut. I just couldn’t see why people liked the Cronut.)

In fact, you’ll find this classic French pastry pronounced “Queen Aman” a better option versus the Cronut, which is thicker and harder in texture. While Cronut is a portmanteau of two words, croissant and doughnut, Kouign Amann celebrates “butter” (Amann) and “cake” (Kouign) as it was aptly named. Like the Cronut, Kouign Amann is also a layered pastry that you can think of like phyllo pastry but richer in taste as butter is fortified in between layers and coated with caramelized sugar on the exterior. And you should know that butter is the most important ingredient for this croissant-like pastry, and the quality of the butter depends on the taste largely. Caramelized sugar is a good add-on to it as well.

Krispy Kreme Kouign Amann Manila

Kouign Amann originated from Douarnenez, Finistere, France as a Breton cake during the 1800’s. In Brittany, France, Kouign Amann’s layers are often stuffed with nuts and fruits. In New York, Dominique Ansel, the creator of Cronut, has also their own version of Kouign Amann. Dominique has dubbed it “Domnique Kouign Amann” or DKA for short, claiming that this is their bestseller and his personal favorite. You can also see many versions of the Kouign Amann in New York like in Bouchon Bakery where it’s quite a catch.

So without further ado, Candid Cuisine gives you the top bakeries and patisseries selling the beloved Kouign Amann:

Candid Cuisine Guide: Top Kouign Amann Bakeries and Patisseries in Manila


Krispy Kreme Kouign Amann Manila

Krispy Kreme’s Kouign Amann is one of the choices in the Flavorful Creations selection. Each bite will leave you craving for that mysterious flavor and before you know it, you’ve finished one piece already! And the texture is just so soft and fluffy and buttery that one box is not enough for the entire family.

Price: Box of 9 for P350, P50 per piece
Location: Full List of Krispy Kreme branches


wildflour kouign amann
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As one of the metro’s popular sellers of the famed Cronut, Wildflour also has Kouign Amann. The texture is more dense than Krispy Kreme’s and it has been dipped with syrup.

Price: P110 per piece
Location: The Podium Mall; 4th Ave. Corner, gr. floor, Netlima Bldg. Global City, 26th St, Taguig


While Gourmet Finds also sells the Doughnut-Croissant, they also have the Kouign Amann, which is a bit flaky in texture but moist. For Gourmet Finds’ Kouign Amann, you will need to order 4 days in advance.

Price: Box of 5 for P500, Box of 12 for P1000
Location: Gourmet Finds on Facebook


Chef Cyrille of Brasserie Cicou adds a different twist to his Kouign Amann, topping it with a dollop of Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

Price: P300 per order
Location: 57 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan

Bizu Patisserie

Bizu Patisserie’s version has four pieces of the Kouign Amann topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel pastry, which is not far from Chef Cyrille’s dessert creation.

Price: P415 per order
Location: Full List of Bizu Patisserie branches


JiPan Cafe and Bakeshop has a cheaper version of the Kouign Amann, but the quality is only fair.

Price: P60 per piece
Location: Glorietta, Addition Hills, SM Megamall

Kouign Amann is the perfect pair to a strong cup of cappuccino in the mornings, and with milk for a midnight snack. But I can eat this at any time of the day.

I’ll gladly say goodbye to the Cronut craze, and finally welcome Kouign Amann as I’ve been waiting for this to arrive in Manila for the longest time.

How about you? Which is your favorite among the Top Kouign Amann bakers in Manila? Share your thoughts on Candid Cuisine!