Mighty Quinns NYC 3

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ NYC

Official Website: www.mightyquinnsbbq.com/menu

I just realized I’ve never written a review on Mighty Quinn’s — probably one of the barbecue places I recommend when in NYC. Mighty Quinns is quintessential in NYC, so I don’t think I should be talking about where to find one. You can grab a platter at LES or in DoBro.

But bottomline is, their beef brisket doesn’t suck. The meat is tender, smoky (with just the right amount of salt rub on its fatty meat), drizzled with barbecue sauce that compliments, never overpowers. I like the classic slaw, but sweet potato casserole — lovingly cooked with pecans and maple — is my ultimate side. If it’s too sweet and too large of a portion, I recommend splitting it with someone else. (Of course, eating tons of sweet potato can make your stomach gassy!)

Mighty Quinns NYC 3

Mighty Quinns NYC 3

On the other hand, pulled pork lovers will love Mighty Quinn’s rendition. It’s juicy and tender and every bite counts. I wouldn’t want to share this with anyone. Dirty fries and a Brooklyn Lager would compliment this sandwich. And if you want to splurge, the Burnt Ends sandwich is a thrill.

Mighty Quinns NYC 3

Here in Singapore, I don’t get much of the barbecue scene. I’m getting the impression people think barbecue is a rack of ribs. Google “best barbecue places in Singapore”, and you’ll find bloggers who think the definition of barbecue is just that. And it’s a very skewed view of what American BBQ is. So they end up with dry rack of ribs, because… You don’t really have a large enough space to have an oven with the best pieces of wood. Yes, when cooking BBQ, the wood you use is the most important part of the barbecue process.

Here’s Salt Lick in San Antonio. The furnace was a walk-in portal to hell. No kidding.

Salt Lick BBQ driftwood texas 2

Franklin’s in Austin was equally majestic with long queues enough to drive you insane. We took several pounds of beef brisket back to NYC in our flight, and our biggest worry was the security dogs at the airport who could tear our carry ons apart.

franklins bbq austin 2

When it comes to barbecue, I’m talking about Beef Brisket. Short Ribs. Burnt ends. Burgers. Sausages. Roast chicken like Polite Pig’s. And sides enough to take you to Texas heat.

There are quite a few here in Singapore, which I’m curious and eager to try. Quite frankly, if they can build a furnace under the Singapore sun, that would have been awesome.

So my bar is quite high at this point. Will they meet my expectations? Time to find out.