Chez Suzette, Teck Lim Road, SG

Address: 5 Teck Lim Rd, #01-01, Singapore 088383
Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday – Sunday 8:30am – 5pm, Closed on Tuesdays
Official Website:
Chez Suzette Menu

I was eating at Burnt Ends when I saw this Parisienne shop along Teck Lim Road. Chez Suzette seemed to have a steady flow of brunch patrons. As usual, it was something I researched first before going. This cafe just opened this year and I was amazed at how these restaurateurs go after their dreams during a pandemic. I had high hopes for this cafe, because the owner trained for several years at Joel Robuchon. It’s one of those tiny gems that stand out from the crowd, begging for attention.

I tried Chez Suzette’s signature dessert — the Crepe Suzette ($15), flamebéed (+$5).

I like the beurre Suzette — buttery, caramelized, zesty, and a tinge of liqueur flambéed tableside. The Crepe Suzette is one of the notable crepes I’ve tried in a while, after Entre Nous Creperie and Gather at Raffles. I wish this one would have some vanilla ice cream on the side for a hot Singapore afternoon. But then I’ve always had a thing for warm desserts.

I hear their Toast Soldiers and Croque Monsieur are bestsellers. Definitely something I’d be coming back to in the future. Also another cafe to add to your bucket list for brunch aficionados or if you want a taste of Paris in Singapore while you wait for travel to normalize.