Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Address: 2 Bayfront Ave, #B1-07, Singapore 018972
Official Website: www.marinabaysands.com
Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10am – 10pm, Monday to Friday 11:30am – 10:00pm

Yardbird Great American Brunch Menu

Yardbird sg menu

Update May 16, 2022

There are too few Southern-style cuisine in Singapore and I just found myself craving it since my recent trip to the US. Luckily, my last visit to Yardbird wasn’t all too terrible. I found myself liking their mac and cheese…

The Pork Belly Risotto was a delicious dish. Loved the skin, so crispy and the balsamiq reduction added depth to the meat.

And the Scallop Pasta was phenomenal. Loved this dish. I highly recommend ordering this.

It seems that Yardbird isn’t all about the chicken.

Update November 12, 2021

So it seems me and Yardbird aren’t really compatible and can’t be BFFs.


I love their Chicken — thought it was flavorful. Those who said it was too dry probably ate the chicken breast. I like their cheddar waffles, and the spiced watermelon cubes was sweet and refreshing. That said, since I couldn’t finish my order, I asked them to have it for takeaway.

I should have checked my takeaway.

They forgot my watermelon cubes. Or, the kitchen stole it. Nasty. I hate it when restaurants do this. It’s annoying AF. My first visit, I was already annoyed. You just annoyed me further.

Original post

At Marina Bay Sands, there are so many upscale restaurants for you to discover, but some of which might not even meet your expectations. Mott 32 was superb. Bread Street Kitchen, passable. But there are those that fall in the middle — you don’t really know if they’re worth the hype with so many people dining at this restaurant. One of them is Yardbird.

Yardbird sg 1

Yardbird sg 1

I love the whole concept. Fried chicken. Southern style. Simple as that. You can’t go wrong with these type of restaurants. They remind me of Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill in Austin and The Commodore’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I’m interested how Yardbird can execute “the best brunch in Singapore” with fried chicken, biscuits and scrambled eggs. I couldn’t finish a plate full of dried fried chicken, made interesting only with watermelon cubes and fancy basket.

I was annoyed because the staff started it. I can definitely tell she wasn’t too enthusiastic serving me. She couldn’t tell whether the crispy chicken was a fillet or a thigh. It was a fucking red flag for me. She couldn’t recommend any Chicken and Waffles for a single diner, and only said it was going to be more expensive. At that point, I was too pissed off but put on my mask because hey, you’re only doing your job. But lady, your service and recommendations are lousy.

So meh. My review for Yardbird, I’m going to tell you at this point, is going to be MEH. That’s my rating.

Biscuits and Gravy – $23

Yardbird sg 3

Here’s my Biscuits and Gravy. Crispy chicken thigh, melted cheese, scrambled eggs (originally sunny side up, and the staff once again looked at me judgmentally for requesting that. What the fuck is wrong with scrambled eggs?) sandwiched between biscuits. The entire thing is drowning in the saltiest gravy I’ve ever had my entire life. Talk about a diet full of sodium.

Yardbird sg 3

I’m not going to tell you in front of your face that my food isn’t good, because it’s still food. So you’re just going to see my glowing review on my blog, on Google Maps, on my social media accounts, on your Qualtrics NPS survey. Take your pick.

Just look at the biscuit above, deconstructed. See the edges of the fried chicken thigh? It’s toasted. I couldn’t eat that part anymore.

And those scrambled eggs? It’s overcooked. I make better scrambled eggs. Even eggslut does it better and I don’t like eggslut.

I could have gotten the Bacon Hash Waffles with Crispy Chicken, but again, I lost my interest with her starting off her service with the wrong foot, judging me that I couldn’t finish a whole order of Chicken and Waffles. Excuse me, I didn’t want to takeaway the leftover chicken. I’m ready to bet a million dollars that chicken would turn out dry the following day.

And lady staff, if you go to Southern US, they’d serve you with honey or honeyed butter (Popeye’s does it.) because biscuits are dry by nature. So I asked for it, those small bottles they serve with waffles. Just give me one without a very judgmental look. Your biscuits would taste better with honeyed butter, mark my words. DUH. I don’t care if you charge me for a small bottle but I want it.

yardbird sg 6

This tiny bottle saved my meal.

The Commodore’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has the best honeyed butter ever. And their plate of fried chicken is worth the Uber ride. Here’s my Fried Chicken and Biscuits at The Dutch in SoHo, NYC. The biscuits have honey. So please don’t look at me like I’m an alien from outer space. My request was de facto for a Southern diner.

The Dutch NYC

Yardbird sg 3

The chicken was MEH. It was alright. I hate giving restaurants a bad rating at this time because I know you’re all struggling. But sometimes if things start off at the wrong foot, it’s going to keep going down like a domino.

(One table sent the fried chicken back to the kitchen. I’m not surprised if it’s either dry, cold inside, or bloody.)

Also, this plate needs greens. It’s too heavy, salty, and fried. This needs roasted brussels sprouts. Not the best brunch I’ve had in Singapore. I’ve had better.

If you frequent Marina Bay Sands, I’m sure you have the Sands Rewards Lifestyle card. I explicit told the lady to deduct my destination dollars from my bill, and charge the rest on my credit card. The folks at Mott 32 and Bread Street Kitchen understood my request. Unfortunately, the staff here did not. Maybe my English is from Mars.

Never mind. I’ll stack my dollars and spend it somewhere else. Chinoiserie. Waku Ghin. Cut. Lots of places better than Yardbird.

One piece of advice for restaurant service. Put on a damn mask. (Not a face mask.) A mask when you’re serving. You have to put on a mask that you like your customer, even if you’re having a bad day. It’s part of your job, even though you’re hurting throughout the day. Because if you don’t, even the food is going to fall flat.