Panamericana, Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore

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Address: 27 Bukit Manis Rd, Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore 099892
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 12–3pm, 5pm–12am; Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12:00pm – 12:00am
Official Website: | Reservations
Instagram: panamericanasg

Panamericana, Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore

There’s a growing trend on TikTok, where the best way to experience Singapore is… to get out.

The island can get really boring. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on the road to get from point A to point B. Transportation systems are efficient. So you end up having a heck of a free time to do nothing. Well, some waste their minutes away queueing for some fancy BCM or a Michelin collab with a hawker stall.

Meanwhile, I long to have those hiking and glamping trips I used to do in the US. (I spent a couple of nights in Bushkill PA once. It made us all jittery. But that’s a story for another post.) In Singapore, you can hike in Universal Studios.

So when I chanced upon Panamericana on an Instagram ad, I decided to go. Sentosa Golf Club is far, but not really — as is the story with any other place to visit in Singapore. It’s a beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean, the best way for you to get away from the fast-paced life. I thought it had Havana vibes. Anyone looking to impress their date will surely accomplish that here.

Except, for large groups — especially those celebrating birthdays or company offsites — Panamericana’s portion sizes aren’t optimized. Groups larger than 6 will find the need to order more, while I see groups of 4 a sweet spot.

You can get a Sourdough for starters but that’s boring. Get a guac and chips. Pro-tip: the chips are secretly freeflowing.

Order a couple of meat dishes. Colombian Chicken. The 7-Hour Wood Fired Lamb Al Asador.

I find the meat delicately seasoned with Chili Glaze and Salsa Roja Picante (or perhaps it’s because of the salt tax, which again I am a huge advocate), but the sauce did all the heavy lifting. I like chicken breasts and protein.

Don’t forget Wagyu empanadas and the eternal must-have: a side of Patatas Bravas.

Cap it off with some Churros served with Dulce de Leche. Not my favorite. Not the best one in Singapore or the world. Churreria La Lola in Manila used to sell the best Churros in the metro, until pandemic hit. (And yes the Jewel Changi outpost does it no justice, so don’t buy from there.)

Panamericana brings me memories of my good friend’s Argentine parilla La Cabrera and the only Paraguayan restaurant in NYC, I Love Paraguay. There’s meat, so vegetarians, keep out.