Suju Masayuki, Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

Address: 333A Orchard Rd, #04 – 05, Singapore 238897
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am – 10:30pm
Official Website:

I wish I listened to my Japanese friends sooner. They all hail Suju Masayuki as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

And it was all because of one single dish: the Gindara.

Gindara Misozuke Teishoku – $48++

I am a huge fan (and lover) of the Black Cod since I learned how to use spoon and fork. My parents would feed me Gindara on a weekly basis. It is a religion that I carry until today. I swear by the Gindara, and if a restaurant offers it on their menu, I am unlikely to turn away from it. Even if it costs slightly pricey than my liking.

At $48++, Suju Masayuki’s Gindara is an occasional treat for yourself. It comes with a bowl of Japanese rice, a huge cup of miso beancurd soup and some Japanese pickles. The meal can’t get any simpler than this. And as always, you can see the prowess of Japanese cuisine. It is simple yet makes a powerful statement. You don’t need a lot of thick, complicated, carb-heavy sauces and spices to make a dish rich and memorable.

Everything else disappears when the plate of Gindara is laid before you. I waited 30 minutes for the dish, and it was well worth the wait. The meat is so tender, juicy and well marinated with miso that the saltiness seeps into your tongue in an after delight. There is little discomfort in the Gindara’s natural oils gliding down your throat (unlike Takashimaya’s Nakajima Suisan), and this is what I appreciated in Suju Masayuki’s rendition.

I was in fish heaven. Certified fresh.

Meanwhile, don’t shy away from ordering other dishes. Their teishoku sets are reasonably priced.

Reservations are a must at Suju Masayuki.

Shout out to the Japanese waitstaff for giving me a fresh glass of warm water after my meal (because my cup had gone cold) when I didn’t even ask for it. Now that’s customer service.

Suju Masayuki Mandarin Gallery menu