Surrey Hills Grocer, ION Orchard, Singapore

Address: Level 5 Carpark, ION Orchard 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm Daily
Official Website:

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Surrey Hills Grocer ION Orchard Menu

Surrey Hills Grocer, ION Orchard, Singapore

Welcome to another episode of overpriced egg meals. To those who don’t want to drive all the way to Jurong, Surrey Hills Grocer just opened a clever spot at ION Orchard’s Level 5 Carpark. It attempts to become a hidden gem in a shopping mall, but we all know pretty soon that will be over. Surrey Hills Grocer has built up a huge following with its simplistic sprawling Australian grocer in D’Arena Country Club that anyone is bound to get sucked in its charm… and show up for their support at the ION Orchard outpost.

Eggs benny costs $28 at this Aussie brunch spot, and you can reason out it’s because you paid a farmer today his and her labors of love.

I leave it to you to find out whether the ingredients are indeed farm-to-table or organic. I left that battle long, long, long, long time ago. Frankly I’m tired of that pre-pandemic food trend. Let’s not revive that. I just want to eat. Period.

Their Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict ($28) is executed in the vein of one of my favorite renditions of eggs benny at Carpenter and Cook. Pulled pork always go well with poached eggs (and you can ask for scrambled or sunny side). Surrey Hills Grocer adds arugula, slices of apple, less onion, on top of a crispy, soft sourdough muffin. I asked if they are selling these muffins because I’d like to slather them with cream cheese at home, but unfortunately they’re not. Meanwhile, the maple bacon is all forgotten once drenched with the runny egg yolk, but alone, it is sweet and passable. My only criticism is that I wish there was more pulled pork rather than Hollandaise and paprika. Yes, it was drowning in it.

Their flat white sells for the standard price of $7.50. Coffee prices at Instagrammable coffee shops all over the island seem to aim for sky high prices instead of a good brew. You can’t help but question if it is still economical to drink lattes for the price of a hawker meal. But then Surrey Hills Grocer uses Seven Seeds coffee beans from Melbourne and pulls off dark, bold and chocolate notes in their expensive flat white. Go figure.

Sweet tooths can grab Queen Victoria donuts ($14), meat lovers will enjoy Wagyu Smashed Burgers ($32) and Cod Fish Burgers ($26), and your usual Triple Truffle Fries ($16) and Nacho Cheese Tater Tots ($14) are yours for the taking should you decide to spend your dollars here. If you’re tired of the usual P.S. Cafe, Surrey Hills Grocer is an alternative and best to book a table for large groups.

Surrey Hills Grocer also sells Australian products from Yarra Valley Dairy cheeses and premium wines to olive oil and Stonebarn truffles. Daily bakes like croissants and pain au chocolats are just by the counter, as well as Australian product flavors of Creamier. It’s probably the most authentic Australian grocer experience you can get in Singapore, aside from Little Farms, which also sells Australian wine, cheeses, butters. The overall grocer/cafe concept isn’t new, but this growing trend is sinking its teeth in the island, albeit, with a very niche market.

P.S. No pets allowed.