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SWEET MAPLE, San Francisco: They Don’t Call It the Millionaire’s Bacon for Nothing

Location: 2101 Sutter St, Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA 94115, United States
Telephone Number: +1 415-655-9169
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00am to 3:00pm
Official Website: www.sweetmaplesf.com
Facebook: Sweet Maple SF
Instagram: sweetmaplesf
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SWEET MAPLE, San Francisco: They Don’t Call It the Millionaire’s Bacon for Nothing

Ah SWEET MAPLE. Where do I begin? It’s one of those breakfast places that I want to come home to over and over again. And they have a glorious menu that is full of great dishes from their famous Millionaire’s Bacon, to Potato Medley, Eggs Benedict, Maple Plates, Morning Pizzas, Vermont Cheeseburgers, Waldorf Wasabi Salads, Bulgogi Rib Eye and more. I can go on and on and on all day but we won’t get done!

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I don’t have any bad reviews in my pocket for Sweet Maple, and how I wish all restaurants would follow Sweet Maple as an example. Their menu doesn’t lack variety. It screams casual, down-to-earth, affordable, and you can be sure as hell that it’s delicious cuisine. It’s one restaurant you know that whatever you order can’t go wrong.

Todd Fisher has featured Sweet Maple’s Millionaire’s Bacon on Discovery Channel’s “United States of Food.” Over and over again it has won the hearts of Americans, earning Trip Advisor’s 2015 Center for Excellence award.

Sweet Maple San Francisco 6

Sweet Maple sits along the quiet neighbourhood of Sutton Street in Lower Pacific Heights. I envy the residents living in the area. *sigh* The minute I stepped inside Sweet Maple, I knew this is one of those restaurants that have the potential to stand out from the rest of the pack.

I call on Manila’s restaurants that serve All Day Breakfast food to read this review NOW. IHOP, Early Bird Breakfast Club, Hatch 22, Dean and DeLuca Manila ~ Everyone. WATCH and LEARN how to do restaurants the RIGHT WAY.


Sweet Maple San Francisco 5

Millionaire’s Bacon, Potato Medley, Meyer Lemon Hollandaise on Eggs Benedict.

Rule Number 1: Your presentation matters. It’s definitely eye candy. But don’t make the plate all pretty then serve only two pieces of bacon for breakfast or a bowl of garlic rice that doesn’t equate to the price your customers are paying. Now THIS IS BREAKFAST.

Sweet Maple San Francisco 5

The hollandaise sauce is rich, the egg meshes well, and the MILLIONAIRE’S BACON is an ode to heaven, like birds of paradise singing praises as you take a bite. It’s just divine.

Sweet Maple marks the potato medley as its trademark, a mix of seasonal potatoes of Chilean Purple, Yukon Gold, Gemstone Red, Russet and Sweet Yam.


Rule Number 2: Don’t let your dishes sit on the kitchen for too long, it becomes unappetising within seconds! And don’t do it especially for French Toasts that are topped with whipped cream. It eventually becomes soggy.

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I wanted to order Eggs Two Way for a regular breakfast but I’m big when it comes to French Toasts. I love, love, love French Toasts for breakfast, and Sweet Maple’s own version of their famous Big Hip doesn’t disappoint.

Sweet Maple San Francisco 6

What’s good with Sweet Maple is that they serve their very own Hidden Spring Maple Syrup, which is a family owned and operated maple syrup farm from Southern Vermont. And get this, Sweet Maple has this JD Syrup, or “Jack Daniels Syrup” that is of course, spiked with Jack Daniel.

Rule Number 3: If you’re going to open up a breakfast place, don’t just serve mediocre breakfast plates that one can whip in his kitchen at home. Create something that you can add on any plate, and make it the star of the plate, and you’ll surely have customers come back to you. You not only gave them the option to empower their breakfast choice, but you showed them what you’re capable of.

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I added Millionaire’s Bacon on the side, because it’s a crime not to get it. Look at that glorious piece of bacon for five minutes.

Unlike the Blackstone Benedict where the Millionaire’s Bacon is enhanced with the eggs benedict, this is in its plain form and we see more of it at its best. This thick, free range bacon, baked with brown sugar, cayenne, red and black pepper for four freaking hours is the BOMB. It’s almost like ham that has a smoky and salty flavour on it, but that glazed, crusty exterior is giving it that extra spike, the sweetness just making us speechless. It’s the best thing I ate in San Francisco, next to oysters!

Dixie Bacon

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They also have the famous Dixie Bacon, which is the crispy, deep fried Applewood Smoked Bacon that’s drizzled with Tabasco Honey sauce. You can add this with your Two Eggs for $15.

Rule Number 4: Finally, serve your customers in a nice way, especially when it’s early in the morning. Don’t just sell All-Day Breakfast, following the fad, but have that best customer service that becomes synonymous to the brand of your restaurant. And that means only one thing: No grumpy servers, please! God, that’s not a concept that’s too hard to understand right?

Sweet Maple, I will surely come back for you. Homerun.

Sweet Maple is one of the few restaurants at Candid Cuisine that has earned 5/5 stars.

Sweet Maple Rating:

[usrlist “Taste and Originality: 5” “Customer Experience: 5” “Value for Money: 5” “Brick and Mortar: 5”]