Wanderlust, Takashimaya, Singapore

Address: 391A Orchard Rd, Level 3 Takashimaya Departmental Store, Singapore 238873
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00am – 9:00pm

I can’t get the hype around aesthetic cafes. It seems the only function of these cafes is for people to film and post on TikTok. And it’s crazy how much money is being poured into such investments.

But also, amid aesthetic cafes in nondescript alleys, we have homegrown retail stores trying to increase their margins by opening coffee shops. It’s by no means their specialty; of course, what can we expect from clothing stores in terms of gastronomy? One such example is Pazzion Cafe. I like their shoes, never bought one and they’re mere eyecandy, but the cafe has been modest at best. I don’t like their cuban sandwich and got sick with vertigo after eating it, and I’d rather not get some drama on TikTok about that. An isolated incident but it scarred me, I don’t ever want to eat their Cuban Sandwich again.

That said, Wanderlust forays into the world of aesthetic cafes with its local coffee shop. This cute Japanese retail store surprisingly sells one of the most subtly sweet Lychee Rose cake — complete with entertaining kids with its bursting boba. I like the modesty of it, not screaming for attention along with the rest of the cake lineup (Hazelnut Chocolate, Raspberry Lychee and Tarts), but their latte is enough to keep me interested. If you ask me, Wanderlust is a better unwinding spot than Takashimaya’s Bacha Coffee, whose snaking lines never cease to end.

The location is second to none, and the functionality exceeds beyond a mere aesthetic cafe, which I believe is important for those interested to open their own cafes. Don’t exist just for the gram or TikToks. Or die trying.

I welcome Wanderlust to my list of coffee shops that have exceeded my expectations. Customer service was understandable. They’re a good 3 people team, so give them some slack. The barista deserves extra kudos.