• Get it right!

    Manila is NOT Metro Manila. Get it right! I expected to see places like Wai Ying which is in Taft Avenue, Manila and Binondo, Manila. I do NOT expect to see Mister Kebab, which is in QC, which is part of Metro Manila. Fix the title, that’s all I’m asking!

    • Wai Ying taft is listed here.
      What you said is not my cup of tea. I know I cant please everyone.
      If everyone is as touchy as you then we’re better off with McDonalds.

      • Get it right!

        You’re not getting the point. It’s not about being touchy, it’s just about being correct. When you say Manila, I expect to see Malate, Tondo, Binondo and so on; not Quezon City or Pasig or whatever else is part of Metro Manila. I’m not saying you have a shitty-ass list, because I didn’t. I’m merely stating that you could stand to correct the title by saying METRO MANILA instead of Manila, because Manila is NOT Metro Manila. Get it now?

        • It’s Metro Manila!

          He’s actually right. It should be Metro Manila. Metro Manila is NCR which includes other cities like QC, Makati etc. Manila is the capital of Philippines. You know, U-belt, Intramuros, Manila Bay, Luneta Park, Quiapo, Binondo. Got it?

        • Chill

          Wow! Seriously? No need to get your panties in a wad just because the author didn’t include the word “METRO” on the title. You losers need to get a life. Instead of aggressively attacking the author about the title, you could’ve mentioned it in a nicer way. Douche.

        • mikyot

          someone needs to take the chill pill…had it been that after you corrected the author then came up with your own list of restos in MANILA, then that would have just been simply awesome but you decided to blow your top off and just go bananas.

        • clown

          You’re an asshole with pointless comments. I hope you contribute to society just by STFU. Thanks bye.

      • kamote

        Places listed here is in metro manila. not MANILA. get it right op

        • kit

          This isn’t even constructive criticism, though if I were to give one, it would be only a small issue with the grammar (Open until ___// not Opened) However, Metro Manila is different from Manila. It is misleading. Some people actually came to the site thinking they’ll get an advice for places in Manila.

          Answering replies from readers the way you do will put a lot of readers off. The best reply should be to acknowledge mistake and thank the person for correcting you. Humility is still the best.

  • Anson

    You can also include the following:
    1) Aristocrat
    2) Cafe Adriatico at Malate
    3) Snap Sports bar inside Sofitel
    4) Rufo’s
    5) Nemoto at Buendia cor. Taft (until 2am)

  • bazinga

    Nice list. I also recommend Tri-Mo Shawarma Co. It’s located at Lagro Subd, Fairview, Quezon City. Open Mon-Sun 3pm-2:30pm.

    • bazinga

      I mean 3pm-2:30am. Sorry for the error.

    • Thanks! I appreciate your recommendation. I don’t know many restaurants in Fairview though 🙂 Cheers!

  • JR


    • Hey JR, thanks for dropping by and for actually reading the article. I knew this was about to crop up. I don’t like Whistlestop very much, and in fact wrote a bad review about it here: http://candidcuisine.net/whistlestop/

      I think I have to revisit Whistlestop again and maybe see if they’ve improved. Cheers! 🙂

  • ercs


    • Oh my, I forgot Frankie’s! That’s a great recommendation 🙂 See you guys know better than I do.

  • Grammar Nazi

    I like the content so far, but PLEASE proofread before posting. Kindly check your grammar. It hurts my Nazi Grammar eyes.

    • Thanks for telling me. I’m having problem with my eyes lately due to excessive exposure to computers. 🙁 I will do better next time.

  • Dia

    Good list, but it’s written so sloppily! Hope you can edit so that it’s easier to read.

    • Thanks for the critic. I’ll do better next time. 🙂 Happy eating!

  • agnes

    Do you have a list of late night eats in the southern Manila (“SoMa”) areas — Alabang, Paranaque, Las Pinas? (Or should we say, the southern METRO Manila areas, lest we offend the geography nazis — peace, fellas.)

    • Hi Agnes, thanks for reading the article. There’s Mitzel’s Crabpot restaurant in Las Pinas that’s opened for 24 hours and Sinangag Express has branches in Aguirre and Las Pinas. You may check this link for their complete list of branches http://www.sinangagexpress.com/locations.php . Happy eating! 🙂

  • Addendum

    Great list!

    You can also consider putting ‘The Original Pares and Mami House’ located at Retiro (NS Amoranto) in QC. It’s open round the clock.

    • Hey thanks for dropping by! That’s a great addition to the list. I didnt know it’s opened 24/7. Cheers! 🙂

  • Anson

    Also check out Staples and Perks at Ecoplaza Building in Pasong Tamo Extension. This bakery / cafe is open 24 hours as well.

    • Wow! That’s interesting for a bakery to be opened by 24/7. At least we’re not limited to the panaderia. Thanks for your recommendation! 🙂

  • muirwoods

    You should really be more gracious when it comes to receiving negative comments.

    • I’ll be more gracious now, even when the critics are all coming from the same IP address block, under different names and email addresses.

  • Karen

    My favorite 24 hr joint is The Bowery in GBC we are sister restaurants with Borough in Podium. Check us out!

  • edra clairine

    nice list! really helpful especially for those people with weird shift hours. anyway, kinda agree with you on whistletop, not to my liking but oh well, since people have different preferences. overall, goodjob! ;D

  • SomeoneHasToSayIt

    This blog doesn’t owe you anything so stop being such whiny little pricks and just be grateful that somebody WHO DOES NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING wrote this list! You useless ingrates! And if you wish to correct whatever mistakes you found, do it in a graceful manner!

    • uhh thanks 🙂

    • Nope

      Does not owe us anything? How about you don’t mouth-off when you know nothing about the industry? These people make money off of blogs such as this by gaining viewership, by gaining readers, then generate Ad revenue (see that Lazada/Zalora/Whatever banner?) and of course some get paid by making articles. THEY DO OWE IT because IT IS THEIR JOB. Useless ingrates? An accountant isn’t praised for getting his numbers wrong, neither should a writer when he gets FACTS wrong, and misleads readers. So why don’t you put a sock in it and find something else to say?

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  • Reading this post got me hungy! Like a Tito.. i miss whistlestop! 😉