ANJU, Tras Street, Singapore

Address: 62 Tras St, Singapore 079001
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 6:00pm – 10:30pm
Official Website:

One more restaurant joined my list of favorites along Tras Street and that is ANJU. I’ve been meaning to eat at this modern Korean restaurant for so long, since trying out Baristart across it. I’ve heard great things from it, beginning with its Hogam Jeon ($26), or Korean pancakes.

And these are the best Korean pancakes in SG. Love the delicate onion pickle sauce that came with it and topping up $3 for mozzarella cheese was worth it. Inside: potato, zucchini, and prawns. This is one addicting dish, even looking like a pizza, but it’s all worth it.

Make sure you get a drink, because that’s ANJU, and you must drink ju to go along with your meal. Makgeolis aren’t my thing, so we got a fruit wine: The Legendary Beauty ($25). At 12% alcohol mixed with the aroma of omija and cornus berries and hints of raspberry, the Legendary Beauty reminds me of ice wine, deadly in its sweetness.

We couldn’t finish an order of Bossam ($50), which is hailed as one of the best ssam in the island, but instead took a risk and got the Abalone Gim Pasta ($34). It’s something I wouldn’t normally pay attention to. While it took a while from the kitchens to prepare, the sliced abalones atop were fresh. Looks can be deceiving but it’s tossed and perfectly cooked in seaweed, perilla and pickled shallots. Definitely a win if you don’t desire anything too heavy like ssam.

ANJU. Another Tras Street to add to your bucket list. Reservations are a must.