Elixir Coffee and Wine, Holland Grove, Singapore

Address: 24 Holland Grove Rd, #01-18 Parksuites, Singapore 278803
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 11:00pm Daily (8:30am – 3:00pm Brunch, 12:00pm – 11:00pm Lunch and Dinner)
Official Website: elixircoffeeandwine.com
Instagram: weareelixir.sg
Elixir Coffee and Wine Menu

Elixir Coffee and Wine, Holland Grove, Singapore

It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a plethora of flavors in a restaurant like Elixir. Recall I’ve eaten here for brunch at Elixir Boutique Roasters before, but since then they’ve relocated to a quiet, almost hidden sanctuary in Parksuites along Holland Grove.

Elixir Coffee and Wine at Holland Grove is no longer just a brunch spot; it is also a date night spot. This duality manifests in their menu, half breakfast/brunch and half “linner” — because it’s a sin if I don’t call out lunch meals, we all love a good lunch — which I felt was going to be such a hard decision for anyone coming here. Holland Grove is out of the way for many, but to a wealthy few, it may be a hidden gem you just need.

But whether you choose to eat brunch or dinner, both times of the day will give you one key takeaway: Elixir masters the art of sourdough bread.

Brunch? Tartines. Here I recommend getting the Turkish Eggs, so creamy and artfully presented with greek yoghurt, poached eggs and their very own homemade chili crunch. This combination is so dangerous that Salumi and Straciatella both take a step back, though the latter brings some nice acidity with its juicy and sweet tomatoes and straciatella. Meanwhile Salumi is meaty, the ‘ndjua sausages bring a depth akin to your simple bolognese. Not my favorite of the night, but still a mouthful. I wouldn’t pass on it.

Turkish eggs

If you’re here to unwind and sip, there are a few bites you’ll need to order. Fried Baby Octopus. Burrata. And of course, don’t forget your greens. Elixir makes them bouncy and fresh with wombok, raddichio, and chopped hazelnuts. Don’t miss out the Tete de moine AOP cheese created by the monks of Switzerland.

Fried Baby Octopus
Tete de Moine AOP Switzerland Cheese

But go easy with the black aioli, because the Burrata is armed with its homemade chili crunch. And I’ve never seen a burrata bathed in such a spicy concoction. Pink Mamma was my favorite with its simple burrata + EVOO. But then this one merits another nod, I never knew burrata and chili could go so well.



Elixir doesn’t let your spice buds rest with their pizza lineup — beginning with the Hot Mama. Now THIS is a pizza. I’m not big when it comes to pizzas, because I like more variety in meals. One slice and you’re done. But with such great sourdough base from Elixir, it’d be a sin to settle for a slice. Calabrese salami, some onions, fennel and chili crunch — there is so much depth in flavors you’ll forever seek as you eat. Meat, crunch, spice, meat, crunch, spice. This is one lethal pizza.

Hot Mama

To cream lovers, the not-carbonara is your weakness. The usual carbonara ingredients — pecorino, proscuitto, guanciale, and the egg yolk — in your pizza. The pizza is a little salty, almost like a salted egg yolk surprise, but after the Hot Mama, this is a welcome change in palate.


To the adventurous, cali cali brings kurobuta sausage, brassica, guacamole and chili flakes together in a heavyweight dish. Think sushi but pizza, minus the rice. I thought maybe the guys behind Elixir can explore making a calzone out of this. With much much cheese please, less avocadoes.

cali cali

Elixir also has desserts: Pistachio Cake and Ivory Custard. If you had to choose one, I’d recommend Ivory Custard. You’ll badly need the acidity to cut through the savory dishes. And of course, pomegranates. Forever and always.

Pistachio Cake
Ivory Custard

Elixir folks, worth adding to your never-ending bucketlist.