17 Dishes to Try Around the Philippines by Filipino Travel Bloggers

Dishes to try Philippines pancit batil patong tuguegarao

17 Dishes to Try Around the Philippines by Filipino Travel Bloggers

This story is beyond your daily Adobo and the Balut challange. It’s amazing how these Filipino travel bloggers have great desire to explore their home country and learn from locals’ every day life. You might know some of them as they’ve been featured in various inflight magazines such as Cebu Pacific’s Smile magazine and Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay publication. Some of them might have just started blogging, but its their profound experiences that matter. It is no surprise that they are the ones armed with deep knowledge when it comes to the best dishes to try in several regions in the country, which is undeniably rich in history and culture. As I always say, the best way to know a city is through its cuisine.

For the wanderluster, this is another way for you to see the Philippines differently, in the eyes (or rather tummies) of these travel gurus.
For the foodie, there is no better way to know the Philippines than its rich cuisine.
For the curious tourist, discover the Philippines and learn about the richness of its heritage
For every Filipino reader out there, this one’s for you.

Nina Fuentes of JustWandering.org: Kinagang from Sorsogon

Dishes to try Philippines Kinigang

While Sinigang is her ultimate comfort food, Nina Fuentes of JustWandering.org urges you to try out Kinagang from Sorsogon. “Kinagang is native to the province of Sorsogon.” She says. “It’s made with young coconut, freshwater shrimp (meat chopped, and head and shells pounded and juices added to the mix), coconut milk, and yerba buena, a variety of mint. This is wrapped in the leaf of the Hagikgik tree and then steamed. It’s very tasty and has a mild flavor.”

Aleah Taboclaon of SolitaryWanderer.com: Fish Tinola from Surigao

Dishes to try Philippines fish tinola

You may have heard of Aleah Taboclaon from her viral article, “Date a Girl who Travels” that has spread across social media for more than 110k shares. For Aleah Taboclaon, Surigao’s fish tinola is the perfect rejuvenation after her travels. “It nourishes and energizes, and the warm liquid manages to relax a body that had been stressed by hours of hard ride, especially then when the road was still rough adn the ride long.”

Harly Macuap of Akrosdayunibers.com: Putlih Mandi from Sulu

Dishes to try Philippines putlih Mandi of Sulu

Resembling like ube balls, Putlih Mandi was the standout dish that Harly Macuap of Akrosdayunibers.com found very memorable in his travel to Sulu.

Renan Barco of Lostin.ph: Sarsa from Romblon

Relatively new in the travel blogging scene, Renan Barco of Lostin.ph is quite a wanderluster, often seen in various provinces in the country yet remaining an austere, practical traveler. In his travel to Romblon, a family living near seaside who took their group under their wing served them Sarsa, small pieces of shrimp cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaf.

Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap, EazyTraveler.net: Bagnet from Ilocos Region

Dishes to try Philippines Bagnet

“I was born and raised in Cebu where we serve some of the best-tasting pork dishes ever like lechon, liempo and chicharon, but one that truly rivals ours is bagnet (crispy fried pork belly) from the Ilocos Region!”

Ron Cruz of FlipTravels.com: Sisig

It is no surprise that Sisig is part of this list. Ron Cruz of Fliptravels.com likes to chow down on a plate of Sisig with a bottle of ice cold beer.

Marky Ramone Go of NomadicExperiences.com: Pinakbet Pizza from Laoag, Ilocos Norte

Dishes to try Philippines Pinakbet Pizza

The travel bug took Marky Ramone Go of NomadicExperiences.com to Laoag in Ilocos Norte to try out unique Filipino fusion dishes. If Naga had its Laing Pizza, Laoag has its Pinakbet Pizza.

Aaron Palabyab, www.aaronpalabyab.com: Strawberry Taho from Baguio

Dishes to try Philippines strawberry taho baguio

“The vendor actually tells you to take a picture and post it on Instagram and even hashtag it!” Aaron Palabyab of his self-titled travel blog expresses his delight for the Filipino favorite Strawberry Taho from the summer capital of the Philippines. Indulging in it brings back fond memories from his childhood.

Carla of Blissfulguro.com: Pancit Batil Patong from Tuguegarao

Dishes to try Philippines pancit batil patong tuguegarao

A teacher by profession and at heart, Carla of Blissfulguro.com tells the perfect balance of freshly-made egg noodles, carabeef and crispy lechon kawali in this amazing Tuguegarao dish, Pancit Batil Patong. “I love how engaged people are in creating their perfect pancit experience.” She narrates the restaurant allows you to customize how you want your Pancit to be. “It makes you feel that you contributed a huge deal in the whole process.”

Darlene of PointandShootWanderlust.com: Molo Soup from Iloilo

An evidence to the history of how Chinese cuisine slowly meddled with Filipino cuisine is the Molo Soup. Darlene M of Pointandshootwanderlust.com loves the intensity of this dish originating from Iloilo, the perfect companion during a rainy weather.

Potpot Pinili, TravelTrilogy.com: Halang Halang from Iligan

Dishes to try Philippines Halang Halang

Anybody loves a quick remedy to a hangover. Potpot Pinili of TravelTrilogy.com says that a steaming bowl Halang Halang from Iligan is magical to a hangover sickness. “Halang Halang has tender chunks of beef, pork or entrails and sprinked with spring onions.” He explains. “This seriously spicy clear stew is sure to bring you back to your senses.” Luckily, we don’t have to travel to Iligan as Volcanic Grill at Palanan, Makati serves this dish too.

Matelle Rivera, BluishTrekker.com: Chao Long from Palawan

Dishes to try Philippines Chao Long

Matelle of BluishTrekker.com travels to fuel her passion to climb mountains and conquer them. But even then, Palawan’s Chao Long struck a chord to her with its noodles served hot in sweet broth and meat enhanced by mint leaves and bean sprouts. While not a Filipino dish in origin, Matelle shares that the popularity of Chao Long became rooted in the area as several Vietnamese sought refuge in the Filipino community, trying to escape from the communist takeover.

Yoshke Dimen, ThePoorTraveler.net: Beef Caldereta from Batangas

Dishes to try Philippines Beef Caldereta

Yoshke Dimen shares that the most unforgettable beef caldereta he had can be found in the town of Casa Rap, Batangas. “The tender beef chunks fully absorbed the super rich sauce, cooked in classic Batangueno fashion.”

Flip of FlipNomad.com: Kinilaw from Coron

As seafood in Palawan is extremely fresh, Flip of FlipNomad.com encourages you to try out Kinilaw from Coron.

Mervz of PinoyAdventurista.com: Kare Kare

Mervz of PinoyAdventurista.com always goes back to one of our Filipino favorites, Kare Kare. There’s always something special and generous in a pot of treasure dish.

Jay of MyWeekendFarm.com: Native Chicken Inasal from Kanlaon

“We ate the best Native Chicken Inasal at the foot of the mountain,” Jay of MyWeekendFarm.com enthusiastically shares the Inasal that couldn’t compare with the others he has tried. “It’s tougher and smaller than the normal chicken, but it was tasty and really delicious.”

Gabz of PinoyTravelFreak.com: Lechon from Cebu

Dishes to try Philippines lechon

Finally, anyone can agree that a list of dishes to try in the Philippines is incomplete without Lechon. “The best Filipino dish for me is, hands down, lechon.” Gabz declares. It is no brainer.

Are there dishes that you feel should be listed here? Which dish are you most eager to try? Share your thoughts on Candid Cuisine!

*Photo are taken by each travel blogger unless otherwise indicated. Other travel bloggers were contacted for this list; but the only ones listed here have responded.

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