Legendary Hong Kong, Funan, Singapore

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Address: 107 North Bridge Road, Mall, B1-28 Funan, 179105
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm Daily
Official Website: lhk.com.sg

Legendary Hong Kong Funan Menu

Legendary Hongkong Funan SG 4

Legendary Hong Kong has had a long history of serving dimsum and char chaan teng favorites at their Jurong branch. They serve London duck, dimsum, HK tea time favorites, and Macanese dishes like Baked Tomato with pork chop. But customers needed to travel all the way to Jurong Point just for a taste of Hong Kong, one that wasn’t really convenient even for those who lived in the west. I, myself — a patient and adventurous foodie would travel miles and miles for food — wouldn’t even travel to Jurong just to eat at this cha chaan teng. Add to that the “rude customer service” according to Google Map reviews… I don’t feel like going all the way to Jurong just to experience that.

Legendary Hongkong Funan SG 7

So loyalists rejoice — Legendary Hong Kong has recently opened its doors at Funan. The problem is that they don’t serve a lot in this outpost. Just quick bites like noodles, traditional french toasts, condensed milk buns, and HK milk tea… which needless to say was disappointing for me. I can only assume that the kitchen at this branch is too small to accommodate more complex dishes. I’ve been wanting to eat a heavier meal here, but settled for a tea break instead. So Good Char Chan Tang at Capitol Piazza finally has a competitor.

Legendary Hong Kong’s Funan branch gives off retro vibes, reminiscent of Hong Kong. But you’ll be sorely disappointed at the presentation of the food, which I believe is born out of their cautiousness during the pandemic. But it’s also environmental unfriendly. The booth seatings aren’t maximized due to social distancing, and I would say that’s why there are always long waiting times and queues. Just get a takeaway, I’d say.

Legendary Hongkong Funan SG 6

Still, their french toast is disappointing too. Butter slathered all over the place; they seem to be hurrying all the time. But I have to give it to them; the coffee does indeed taste like HK. I can taste the Black and White milk here and love it very much.

Those who have bigger appetites can head to So Good Char Chan Tang. And those who want a small tea break can definitely try out Legendary Hong Kong. That is, if you have at least 30 minutes to spare. Come with lower expectations as well.