TWG Tea Takeaway, Singapore

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #02-21 ION Orchard, 238801, All TWG Tea Outlets including Marina Bay Sands
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 9:30pm
Instagram: twgteaofficial
Facebook: TWG Tea Official

Following the success of Bacha Coffee’s luxurious coffee takeaway, TWG Tea now offers takeaway for its wide range of tea products. Of course, the entire Singapore descended to all of the TWG Tea outlets just to queue for its $8 takeaway… Because of the gold cups.

Just look how ornate it actually is (despite it being just paper cups. You can reuse them to your heart’s content). I was more into its gold carrier, though I haven’t gotten a clue how to recycle them.

For hot drinks, you get sugar stirrers ala Bacha Coffee. For cold drinks, reusable straws. I’d say it’s a pretty good deal, minus the Chantilly Cream. (But of course, I’m biased. I’m a heavy coffee drinker.)

And I do believe Queen Elizabeth’s passing contributed to the hype. Everyone just wants their tea. I thought it was good value tea, considering you used to need to dine at TWG Tea outlets to get the best of the popular Silver Moon Tea and exclusive tea blends like Talisman Tea, Secret of Bhutan Tea, and Weekend in Shanghai Tea. You can also grab some macarons to go along with your takeaway tea, but at a hefty price tag of $20. (Chocolates for $22.)

I’m not a tea drinker (and used to think that 1837 TWG Tea is just a massive ripoff), but when I do, I just love a good breakfast tea. So here’s the Queen’s Breakfast Tea made of Green Tea leaves. Fragrant and a good breakfast cup.

So rejoice tea drinkers and set your Teh C aside for weekends. TWG Tea’s takeaway tea will likely become a mainstay and a nice little treat for tourists.