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10 Restaurants to try in Singapore before 2023 ends

It’s December 1st and you’re probably counting down till 2023 ends. So while you’re counting down the last 31 days of the year, you might want to try out these 10 restaurants. Literally before 2023 ends, because come January 1, 2024, GST rates will go up to 9%.


No better way to cap 2023 than Lolla. Chef Jo Siy, Asia’s Best Female Chef by Asia’s 50 Best, crafts a powerful $98++ rapid fire tasting menu that showcases her prowess in a short period of time. Top up with her signature Uni with squid ink pudding, and you can prolong your experience at this rising restaurant in Ann Siang Hill. My bet? A Michelin star is in the horizon.

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Who knows when their $12 promotions during Golden Hour end? But why constrain yourself to $12 dishes? Again, I would encourage you to try out the Toast Astoria, Brasserie’s Astoria’s homage to the Toast Skagen topped with Norwegian King Crab and Trout Roe.

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Koma’s 3 course lunch sets are an incredible deal for only $68++, and you’ll pay for top tier service and vibe for less than a $100. But order a tipple; Sunset of Osaka is my favorite.

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burnt ends sg 8

Dave Pynt’s 1 Michelin Star Australian steak restaurant is always, always fully booked. Burnt Ends doesn’t let its ends burnt at its new location in Dempsey. The Hangar Steak and Caviar atop Quail Egg are standout dishes you shouldn’t miss. If you can book a seat at Burnt Ends, snag it before its VIP guests are always the ones dining here (and yes it can get very unfair at this Michelin star place.)

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Yes, Cedric Grolet before 2023 ends. Because Cedric decides to raise its croissant prices again to maybe $13. Currently, $11 for a bloody croissant for dine in and $9 for takeaways is just extortion. But of course, Cedric Grolet can command prices like that because it can. Their tromp l’oeil desserts are still priced at $26 each, but the holiday spirit brings its Matcha Yuzu Buche and Vanilla Buche into fruition, just at a jawdropping price of $170 each. Tres cher, tres cher. Mais c’ést delicieux.

(And who knows, some people are already betting it will shutter eventually. So if you can’t have tea time in Le Meurice, better book that $60++ breakfast spread at COMO Orchard.)

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Shinji by Kanesaka SG 8

Chef Shinji Kanesaka’s 1 Michelin Star is the closest you will get to authentic nigiri experience without traveling to Tokyo. No embellishments or pixie dusts or smoke and mirrors, and I love that about Shinji. Pick either Carlton Hotel or St. Regis and you won’t regret a $100++ Hana 9-piece nigiri spread that will cap your bitter / sweet 2023.

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If I had to crown the best brunch place in Singapore today, it would be Surrey Hills Grocer. They’re rapidly expanding, a new location in Woodleigh, and another upcoming one in the new multidevelopment complex, One Holland Village. They’re also rapidly expanding by way of their menu prices too. And you can imagine once that 9% increase kicks in, just how much are you willing to pay for brunch these days?

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Black Cow has always been my favorite go-to wagyu bowl place in Singapore, and probably the only mainstay restaurant in South Beach while the rest of the tenants flip like roti prata. Black truffle, uni, foie gras, A5 wagyu, ikura, onsen egg — you can’t go wrong with their A5 Wagyu Premium Don at a sweet deal of only $128++.

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Barbary Coast SG 3

Transport yourself to 1800s San Francisco Gold Rush at Barbary Coast. While bar business in general has been on a downtrend for the past 2 years, Barbary Coast’s entry as No. 81 in World’s 50 best bars should invigorate you. My recommendations? Tommy Tomate.

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10: MOTT 32

With CNY just around the corner in February 2024, preorder the Mott 32’s Applewood smoked Peking Duck at $128++ now. This Hong Kong restaurant still keeps up its theatrics of swirling the sesame sauce and keeping a lid atop their Signature Smoked Black Cod. But all smoke and mirrors aside, Mott 32’s price points aren’t that terrifying, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the dishes for a reasonable price.

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