Alchemist, The Heeren, Orchard, Singapore

Address: 260 Orchard Rd, #01-ORA The Heeren, Singapore 238855
Opening Hours: Daily 9:00am – 9:00pm
Official Website:

Keeping it short and sweet for this blog: Alchemist at the Heeren sucks big time.

I’ve never tasted a weaker coffee than Alchemist, and they’re well-known to be purveyors of excellent brew, namely at the former Design Orchard spot. But it seems, moving to a new, more visible location only put their coffee a step back.

I think Alchemist forgot they sell coffee.

Sure, the interiors are great, rivaling Equate Coffee‘s earthy and airy tones, but that doesn’t make up for a really weak brew. I couldn’t taste the coffee at all, and I’m pretty sure I paid $6 for steamed milk. Their white tasted strangely close to Luckin Coffee, and it’s one of the worst coffee spots along Orchard Road. If they’re scrimping coffee beans, they’re not going to survive.

Stick to Equate, % Arabica, or Tiong Bahru Bakery when in Orchard, folks.

P.S. These are the worst coffee spots in Orchard you need to skip:
1. Luckin Coffee
2. Alchemist The Heeren
3. Puzzle Coffee
4. There was no coffee

P.S. I really miss Corica in Brussels. One of the best coffee shops I’ve been to, next to Monorail Espresso in Seattle. (And of course, the now sadly defunct Cafe Corridor in Hong Kong. I will forever hail you as the best coffee shop in the world.)