Kurasu the Stand, Orchard, Singapore

Address: 1 Grange Rd, #01-03, Singapore 239693
Opening Hours: Daily 9:30am – 5:30pm
Official Website: kurasu.sg

Welcome to another episode of coffee shops in Orchard, Singapore. Today, it’s Kurasu.

Short answer: 10/10. Finally finally, we get the coffee we deserve after a streak of terrible coffee shops opening in Orchard: Luckin Coffee, Alchemist at the Heeren, and that place that serves coffee soup? Ah, Tag espresso.

Loved the various blends available to the customer from Haru Kochi (I got this medium roast, perfect for that afternoon caffeine), Colombia, Guatemala, Rwanda. You can go all nerdy with your choice of beans here. Fresh coffee beans and the temperature of the coffee is just right — which is very important. You don’t want bitter coffee at too high temperatures. At $5, Kurasu is a terrific choice for anyone looking for coffee on the go. These guys know their craft.

A minor drawback, Kurasu is just a stand along Grange Road with some wicker chairs at its front, but don’t expect to be spending too much time here when the hot winds of Singapore blow their anger to its residents. I am not kidding. The heat is dangerously dehydrating.

I’m eyeing those drip coffee bags on their website.