51 Tras, Singapore

Address: 51 Tras St, Singapore 078990
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 11:00am – 7:00pm, Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Instagram: 51tras

In my quest to find the next best dessert, I chanced upon 51 Tras, whose earth tones immediately calls out to me. Shades of slates and splashes of orange matches its popular cakes that it’s not a wonder TikTokers and Instagrammers flock to the newly opened coffee shop along Tras Street.

I’m always fond of Tras Street. Cafe Gavroche and Baristart are my favorites, and occasionally, Nesuto. 51 Tras is a formidable competitor to the latter, and you’ll soon find out why, despite its expensive prices.

What I find baffling is that 51 Tras crams 3 suppliers into 1 for its menu. Cakes and desserts by Francis Wong. Pastries by Tigerlily Patisserie. And the fanciest Chee Cheong Fun served aburi by Ben Yeo.

The highlight at 51 Tras? Pastry Art Champion Francis Wong of the shuttered Ministry of Desserts is resurrected with the three planetary desserts: Moonwalker, Pacific Rim and Total Eclipse. Together, they bring a Galilean spin that blends well with the androgynous interiors. Now, it is not a wonder why 51 Tras survives with such at a prime location. Moonwalker, its most popular sphere, is priced at $9, barring GST. Black sesame mousse, salted caramel, green tea crunch. I was initially doubtful, until I had my first bite. The tough exterior was the best part, and the mousse erases the overly sweetness of the dessert. I don’t think I can share the cake with anyone else.

For those who desire drama, Ring of Fire ($16) is flambeed tableside, a torched dessert made of mandarin orange sorbet, pistachio gelato, and raspberry coulis.

As for coffee, 51 Tras is smart enough to bring Korea’s most popular coffee: the Einspanner. Mind you, Einspänner, which means Single Horse Carriage, is not a Korean drink. (Let’s save the etymology for another time.) The iced coffee hails from Vienna, the land of coffeehouses. The drink gives you with two shots of espresso with lots and lots of whipped cream. That’s how Mozart and Sigmund Freud enjoyed their Viennese coffee while debating how to shape their world.

I will admit I have never tried the authentic Einspanner, and when I do, you’ll be the first to know. But for now, 51 Tras will do. I’m not too fond of iced coffees, but the Einspanner manages to entertain me.

Meanwhile, I ignored the pastries from Tigerlily at 51 Tras, though Laksa Quiche and Gula Melaka Coconut Babka are enough to entice me a second visit.

A coffee session at 51 Tras will cost you at least $20. Many have chosen to splurge with disgustingly expensive Blood Moon desserts ($16) and the elevated Aburi Chee Cheong Fun ($14.50). That said, once in a while, it is welcome to get lost in the interplanetary fantasy of 51 Tras. Too much and you’ll never get back on earth.