An Evening with Google Women Techmakers at BARTLETT HALL, Union Square, San Francisco

As an attendee at Google I/O 2015, I had the privilege of dining with some of the world’s brightest women techmakers. This year Google Women Techmakers organized dinners at Lulu and at Bartlett Hall. I felt blessed to be seated next to very intelligent UX designers, software engineers, product managers who are all working with top companies and startups in the entire world.

BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE: 11 Years of Coffee Success Story by James Freeman

It’s no surprise that the land of tech startups had Blue Bottle Coffee to supply them with the best Oakland coffee roasters, and Blue Bottle Coffee is no stranger to being a startup success story of musician CEO James Freeman. More than a decade later, Blue Bottle Coffee now has stores in New York, Los Angeles and even Tokyo.

SWAN OYSTER DEPOT, Lower Nob Hill, San Francisco: Fresh Seafood Breakfast!

I’m kicking off my Silicon Valley slash San Francisco series at Candid Cuisine! And boy, I have so many stories I wanted to tell, I couldn’t write fast enough! But I’m so excited to share to you the delicious cuisines I have tried in the land of tech startups, and I’m starting with the famous, 100 year old institution SWAN OYSTER DEPOT.