10 Places to Eat during Paris Olympics 2024

Paris Olympics officially begins on July 29th, 2024, but the legendary Olympic torch is about to start its journey on May 8th. If you’re heading to Paris to watch the Olympic games, show support for your country, or just simply there because visiting Paris during the summer is always in season, here are some brasseries, boulangeries and patisseries to add to your bucketlist:


No trip to Paris is complete without the Eiffel Tower. And while you’re at Trocadero, stop by Carette. This Instagram-worthy cafe makes some of the best whipped creams for your hot chocolate. Make sure to order two cups so you’ll get a giant bowl of cream. Yes, 12 euros for a cup of hot chocolate is not outrageous in the City of Blinding Lights.


Expect longer lines at one of the most popular cafes in Paris. Angelina’s L’african hot chocolate (and white chocolate), macarons and mont blancs are your ultimate afternoon bites.

Pink Mamma

It is a must to book reservations at this wildly popular Italian restaurant near Montmartre, or waste the rest of your day lining up. Order just about any pasta and top it with truffles and straciatella. Mamma Mia.


New York’s Eataly sits cozy in the super chic neighborhood of Le Merais. My suggestion? Shop at BHV and indie stores before making your way to Eataly. Get some tiramisu and espresso; it’s equally as good as the one’s in Milan.

Le Suffren

If you’re looking for the traditional French brasserie — all day French fare until wee hours of the night — try Le Suffren. It’s near Trocadero and they make some of the best escargots and duck l’orange. Split the duck confit with a friend (though I know sharing is not usual in France), because the dish can get tad salty. And as always with any French brasserie affair, take your time.

Le Relais de L’entrecote

This is the most popular steak… sauce in Paris. I kid you not; that dijon mustard and olive oil concoction is what spices up the l’entrecote steak. The lines can be long especially the outlet at Champs Elysees, but they move pretty fast. Do it the French away: wipe your plates clean with fresh baguettes and frites.


While it’s not the best macarons in Paris, Laduree’s cafe along Champs Elysees is the best rendezvous with your Paris-based friends and family, especially during the summer. If you’re lucky, they might gift you with a free macaron or two. But save your stomach for a second round of the best macarons in Paris at Pierre Herme.

Pedra Alta

If you’re hungry — and I mean, really hungry — Lisbon’s popular seafood chain in Rue Marbeuf will fill up your tank like mad. The plates are huge from viandes to poisson (a laaaaaarge fish at that) and a pot of arroz con mariscos to go along with your meal. Try not to fall asleep afterwards.

Cedric Grolet

Cedric Grolet’s lines at Opera Garnier and Le Meurice can be insanely long (and of course, you can expect that at his upcoming new Cedric Grolet Cafe). Click and Collect is the answer to your problems. Just order the Pomme and Vanilla Bean 48 hours online in advance and eat in the comfort of your home.

Le Comptoir du Ritz

The best madeleines in Paris, bar none. Le Comptoir du Ritz makes these jam-filled madeleines that are moist and fragrant to eat. Le Comptoir’s desserts are the best I’ve tried in Paris, topping Cedric Grolet, Pierre Herme and Carette.

Bonus: Les Marches des Enfants Rouge

Start your pregame for happy hour at Les Marches des Enfants Rouge, a market style open air food hall filled with hidden gems. Also, this is where most locals go to wine, dine, and buy the best cheese in France.